Ross Reggie Panda
Personal Information
Species Panda
Race Panda
Nationality Americanflag American
Birth Date June 2, 1986
Birth Place Teh Panda Hospital Where teh Pandas Are Born
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 280 pounds
Relatives Reggie Panda (dad)
Diane Panda (mom)
Abby Panda (sister)
Luke "Beaver Boy" Panda (brother)
Sharrie Panda (sister)
Other Information
Occupation Unemployed
Education The Panda School for the Pandas (elementary and middle School) Good Boy Boarding School (high school) Dumbass University (College)
Alias(es) Ross
Love Interest(s) Tammy
Friends Perry
Enemies Celine Dion
Paula Deen
Flopzee Man
Archenemy Rick
Residence 2444 Fatass Lane
Weapons Leopard print AK-47
Paraphernalia Bullet Proof Fest (On Occasion)
Abilities Shapeshifting

Object Based Powers



Animal Mimicry




Energy Blasts


Animal Morphing


Size Shifting


Alignment Good (Former Antihero)
Debut Mortal Insanity
Created By Derpy
Signature Appearance Mortal Insanity
Latest Appearance Foundry X
English Seth McFarlene
Japanese Testu Inada
Spanish Rafe Casette

"Hmm . . . weird."


Ross the Panda was born on June 2nd, 1986. He currently is the main character in Mortal Insanity.


Ross is a foodie and constantly eats. He is grumpy when he doesn't get much sleep. Ross loves boobs and collects pictures of them. Ross is a smoker. He has a crush on Tammy and is friends with, Perry, Victor, and Bonkers.


Ross was born in 1986 to Jill and Reginold ("Reggie") Panda. He excelled in grade school until Jill and Reggie got divorced. In fourth grade he got mixed up in the wrong crowd. He joined a gang, and terrorized the nerdy kids. He almost took fifth grade twice and went to summer school every year. In High school he almost killed himself. He was unhappy with his life, until college where he met his best friends Tammy, Perry, and Victor. while there he also met a slacker professor that goes by Bonkers, who also later became a sort of mentor to him.

Adulthood:"The Accident"

Ross was with Tammy, Bonkers, and Perry when they went on Vacation to Ukraine. They decided to have a picnic in a nuclear testing plant and set their sandwiches down on the ground. They then ate them and somehow gained Superpowers.




In Mortal Insanity

Ross is the main protagonist. He is friends with Perry, Tammy, Bonkers, Joyce and Victor. His worst enemy is Rick, who wants nothing more than Ross dead. He is voiced by Seth McFarlene

In Fanick Scuffle 2

Ross appears an unlockable character. He has nothing to do with the story and barely made the cut. His moveset is ripped straight out of the game Foundry X

In Fanick Scuffle 3

Ross appears as a playable character. He has involvement in the story which starts out with him going to the mall on February 13 scrambling to find Tammy a Valentines Day gift. He is a starter.

In Syndicate

Ross appears in the episode Panda and makes cameos in The Epic Episode, She's A Maneater and Letting the Cat out of the Bag. He is also seen in a silhouette in A Team of Their Own, A Syndicate Movie, and Labor Day Invader.

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