Roomates From Hell is a series about three college roomates, who are all bronies. The similarities end there. They are bitter enemies and best friends.


Main Characters

Romero "Appledasher" Faustkiller: A 20-year-old guy who loves Nintendo and Dragon Ball Z. He is one of the roomates.

Julietta "Flutterdasher" Strongsux: A 21-year-old chick who loves Xbox and Naruto. She is another one of the roomates,

Lina "Twilestia" Daviezorrible: A 19-year-old girl who loves everything. She is the final roomate.

Lestia "Twiluna: Davierocks: A 19-year-old girl who loves everything. She is Twilestia's rival.

Mr. Falg N. Punch: The dean of the college. He is known to participate in the roomates hijinks because "he's just cool like that".

Secondary Characters

Pinkiedasher: A 21-year old in Appledasher abd Flutterdasher's class. He is good at cheating.

Rarityjack: A 19-year-old boy who's good friends with Twilestia.He cannot decide on his name.


List of Roomates From Hell episodes

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