Romen I. Mecks
Gender Male
Affiliation Web
Friends Web
Enemies LT Fan
Residence Elysium (currently)
Abilities Flight
Oxygen independence
Space rock manipulation
Alignment Good
Marital status Single
Debut The Rainbow Blade
Created by KingOfSpriters12
Signature appearance The Rainbow Blade
English voice Dave Wittenberg

Romen I. Mecks is a preteen from space who is Web's best friend and occasional training partner. A different version of Romen appears in the video game Sword of Dreams.


Reaching out to Web

In the events of The Rainbow Blade, Romen's homeworld was under attack from a neighboring planet so he sent Web a message in his dreams, signaling him to save him and his people. Now Romen, out of guilt, feels he owes Web a life debt, vowing to help him in any way possible and never leave his side.


In Syndicate, he, along with Lamarr, make a brief appearance in The Life of a Fighter. They counsel Web in a morale-boosting conversation.

Powers and abilities

Romen can fly freely, breathe in space, and control meteors to an extent.

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