Rock Bottom II
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date November 10th, 2014
Written by Chaossy
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"Rock Bottom II" is the third episode of season two of SpongeBob SquarePants Reborn.


We follow the mysterious man into a big television building...[fade to black]

Spongebob took the wrong bus again and end up in Rock Bottom.
"Damnit! This is the second time this happened!" He sighs as we walks around the city. "At least they have a pub." He walks in and orders a beer and Spongebob drinks.
[fades to black]
[SSR Opening]
-- Commercial Break #1 --
SpongeBob lies down on the floor and passes out. He then wakes up a few hours later because of a loud scream. "What the hell was that?!" He rubs his head and he tries to walk out..locked. "Who locks the door from the outside?" He sighs and he keeps trying to find a way out.
"Mm...a new toy to play with." A ghostly figure appears in the bar and floats to behind the counter. SpongeBob looks back. "W-who's there?!"
"Vege--wait no..SpongeBooob! I'm heeerrrree!" Ghost Nappa appears and SpongeBob screams. "No!! Get away from me!"
Ghost Nappa smiles. "You can't get away from the most sexiest man ever!"
SpongeBob finds a window and quickly gets out of it. Ghost Nappa follows him. "I can roam anywhere and haunt anyone I want for life!..and I choose you, SpongeBob."

"N-N-Noooo!!" SpongeBob's voice fades.
-- Commercial Break #2 --

SpongeBob runs away and gets on the next bus home. He sighs of relief but Ghost Nappa appears beside him. "I'm still gonna haunt you, SpongeBob! Once I get a body..than I'll be complete!"
SpongeBob tries to scream but can't.

[SSR Credits play]

[To Be Continued]