Only Sr.Wario may write.

Chapter 1: LT Fan Strikes Back

The breeze was nice and cool, the sun shining bright, the clouds standing almost perfectly still. It was a great day, and nothing could ruin it. Or it seemed that way.

"Rob! Wait up!", yelled a familiar voice. It was Bagel. "ROB?!" shouted Wario, Rob's rival and friend. "What's up, Guys?", Rob responded. "Up for some relaxtion?", Web joined in.

"Sure!", Rob told his friends. They passed by many people, including thier friend Nicky. "Ahh. This is ni...", Bagel was about to finish his sentance, when an airship came. "MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!", a dark warrior cackled. " IT IS I, LT FAN!" LT Fan revealed himself.

"NOOO!!", The gang yelled as they were kidnapped by LT Fan. "Guys!", Rob shouted, as he witnessed them going away. " Try and save them, Irken!", LT Fan shouted. " I've gotta go tell Kirby and Lord Stelios!", Rob shouted in distress.

Chapter 2: Prolouge(SORTA)

Rob was running as fast as his little irken legs could carry him. He had never expierienced quite a tragedy. As he ran through Nicktropolis he saw LT Fan's Airship retreating. He needed to run and run until he reached the great Stelios in his castle. "Nyuk Huck Huck!", an obnoxious voice cackled. "Who are you?", Rob asked. "Minion of LT Fan, skeleton of the ages, I AM SKULLY!", the fearful skeleton announced. " More like weirdo...", Rob slyly whispered.

"Don't think this is over, IRKEN!", Skully hissed. "Are you challenging me to a fight?", Rob asked. "Yup, and it'll be a quick one.", Skully taunted before clawing at Rob. " SECURITY!", Rob yelled, as a laser eye popped out from Stelios's Castle. "Oh, crud...", Skully uttered before being burnt to ashes. "Hey, I WILL BE BACK ROB!!!", Skully screeched at Rob, as Rob entered Castle Stelios.

"Robbeh? Wut brings ya hear?!", Lord Stelios asked. "LT FAN!!! HE'S GOT THE GANG!", Rob yelled at Stelios. "Theats terrrriblez!", Stelios responded. "We must get Kirby to save them!!, Rob said. "Well, SSK isn't in good shape.", Stelios told our hero. "I'll go check up on him!", Rob said before running away.

Chapter 3: Kirby Is Sick...

"Ugh. I have a visitor?", SSK asked his nurse. "Yes, Mr. Kirby." the Nurse cheerfully responded. " Bring em' in!", SSK responded. "Hey, Kirby!", Rob greeted Kirby. " Wasup, Rob?", SSK asked. "The gang has been kidnapped!", Rob told his puffball friend. "That's terrible! You should go save them!", SSK told the irken. " SAVE THEM?! How? Your a hero!", Rob yelled at the sick saiyan. " But i'm sick! I know you can do i....", SSK was stopped by the nurse. " Visiting hours are over.", the Nurse told the Irken. " Make me proud, Rob! Go save our friends!", SSK told Rob. Our Irken then set out for the Border to the LTLands. And thus, the adventure truly began.


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