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Righteous Do-Gooders
Genre Science fiction
Created By KM
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Country Of Origin America
Original Language(s) English
List Of Episodes Righteous Do-Gooders/Episodes
First Aired July 2, 2007
Running Time 17 min. per episode
Picture Format 1080p (HDTV)
Audio Format Advantage Audio Services 8.0
Dolby Surround 5.1 (NTSC)
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Network KM TV

Righteous Do-Gooders is an American animated television series created by Kayem-san and airs on KM TV. The series follows nominal heroes Guy and Toncho, former members of the Church of Rectitude, a villainous intergalactic organization and religious group of sorts. Having recently been excommunicated, the two are wrongfully labelled as traitors and must stick together to stop the leader of Rectitude, Chief Goodness. The name of the show (as well as the antagonist) is ironic as the protagonists are just barely heroes that would be villains if they weren't combating a greater evil.


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Every character is a hypocrite.


Name Description Voice actor
A narcissistic, egotistical human who was recruited into the Church of Rectitude by Chief Goodness.
Nick Offerman
The subordinate of Guy even though he's smarter than Guy and has been in the Church longer than him. He's often mistreated.
Nolan North


Name Description Voice actor
Chief Goodness
The founder of the Church of Rectitude. Despite his name, Chief Goodness is a merciless, savage killer who orders his "missionaries" to spread their false creeds and subjugate planets and space sectors.
Tom Wilkinson
Major dick
Maj. Dick
Chief Goodness's right-hand man.