Rex the Rabbit is a upcoming new Nicktoon develpoed by Rainbow Armidillo Inc.
Project dream Rabbit by Lucas47 46

The Main Character!


  • Rex the Rabbit - A 11 year old rabbit who has a sword for a hand that always makes him look cool. He is also good freinds with Tounge the Dog. Voiced by Nathan Kress.
  • Toung the Dog - A dog who has a gian tounge who loves to lick stuff. He is good freinds with Rex the Rabbit. Voiced by Owen Phillip.
  • Parker the Penguin - A smart penguin who is extremley smart & clever. Voiced by Steve Carrel.
  • Sara the Kitten - Rex's main love interest who made a first apperance in "When Rex met Sara...". Voiced by Miranda Cossgrove.
  • Joe the Falcon - Rex's biggest rival who has muscles & trys to make Sara love her.
  • Mousemind - A villain who trys to take over the world. Voiced by Kevin James.

More To Come...


USA- Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, NickTV, 4KidsTV

UK- Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Pop


  • Rex is based on a character made for a cancelled game called "Project Dream".

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