Randomness Everywhere: Eraser's Revenge is an upcoming feature film going to show in theaters.


Eraser finds out that randomness is the fuel and blood of the citizens of Randomtown, so he invents a machine that will suck out the randomness and replace it with boringness. He plans to make the citizens so boring, that the boringness can be used as a weapon.

Three weeks later, Paper and the others are relaxing at a beach, and Car wonders why Eraser hasn't shown up for three weeks. Paper and the others think that he finally gave up, so they decide to throw a party the next day. Eraser, however, thrashes the party and sucks out the randomness and replaces them with boringness of some people. The gang manage to escape the house an dthey drive out of town. TBA


  1. The Mega Weapon - Skrillex (1:12)
  2. Sunny Day - Mojang (0:41)
  3. Eraser's Gone Party Time - Chromebolt (6:37)





  • Mojang created a Minecraft-style music, Sunny Day.
  • The film is known for being darker than the series.
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