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Randomness Everywhere is a show created by Chromebolt.


Randomness Everywhere/Episodes



Paper: The main protagonist, who is a paper page. He is very brave, and the hero of Random City.

Doorknob: The deuteragonist, who is a doorknob. He has a fear of doors.

Car: The tritagonist, who is a car with anger issues.

Gold: The secondary tritagonist, who is a gold bar.


Browz: An eyebrow, who cannot see anything, but can somehow interact.

Soap: Car's next-door neighbor, who Car hates, and always blames stuff on.

Form: Paper's friend who can form into anything he wants, like clay.

Carl: A lamp, who has unbelievably bad luck.

Bagel: A walking and talking bagel.

Chrome: A robot, who is made of shiny metal.


Eraser: The main antagonist who is an eraser in a purple suit. He wears a black cape he thinks is invincible.

Kart Vader: A racing kart, who is a rip-off of Darth Vader. He is Car's rival.

Running Gags

  • Opening Theme: Something different from the regular episode plays for more/less then 10 seconds (i.e. Fake soap opera).


Chromebolt's Pictures

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