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Random Evil is an animated series by Maximus Loo2012


Random Evil pits the most evil - and random - alien the universe against one of his repair workers, who is much smarter than him, but has much less resources.


Lord Odd prepares to destroy Pluto when one of his repair workers, Jason Nerd, warns Pluto and stops the attack.

Another alien, Nick, appears at Lord Odd's spaceship. What are his motives?


  • Ron Perlman (Season 1)/Chistian Bale (Season 2-present) as Lord Odd

Also playing the Andromeans in Max's other animated series, Infrared, Ron returned in Infrared again as the villain, as Max thought he was a perfect villain, with his voice as Slade in Teen Titans. In Season 2, he was replaced by Christian Bale as he requested too much salary. In this series, Lord Odd is not as dark as other villains, though he still has a raspy voice.

  • Brandon Routh as Jason Nerd

Brandon Routh was selected for this role as Jason's personality is similar to Superman as he was selfless and somehow manages to save the world every time.

  • Unknown as Plutonians

The Plutonians appear in Evil Weirdo, where they are almost attacked by Lord Odd but get saved when Jason informs them of Lord Odd's exact plans.

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