RaGE Media Group
Rmg 2017
Type Private
founded November 10th, 1985 (as Take Five Media)
July 17, 2005 (as RaGE Media Group)
Founder(s) Chaossy
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan (RaGE Media Group, AnimeNation Group, RaGE Tokyo)
New York City, New York (RaGE Cartoons, RaGE Games USA)
Stamford, Connecticut (RaGE-Typewriter Productions)
Paris, France (RaGE Europe, RaGE Productions Europe)
Parent Take Five Productions (75%)
Typewriter Productions (5%, RaGE-Typewriter)
Axiom Entertainment (20%)
Subsidiaries RaGE Anime Group
RaGE Games
RaGE Cartoons
RaGE Typewriter
RaGE Europe
RaGE Productions Europe
Employees 180-230 (RaGE Anime Group)
30-65 (RaGE Tokyo)
75-120 (RaGE Europe, RaGE Productions Europe)
35-80 (RaGE-Typewriter Productions, RaGE Cartoons)
25-40 (RaGE Games USA)

RaGE Media Group is an multimedia production/publishing tycoon.


It was founded in 1985 as Take Five Anime, then in 2005, it was renamed as RaGE Media Group. In 2005, RaGE Media USA announced that they bought some land in Daytona Beach, Florida, and said that a television studio will open by the end of 2007. On March 13, 2007, RaGE Studios USA opened with four sound stages. In 2016, RaGE Europe and RaGE Productions Europe was launched in Paris, France.

In December of 2016, it was announced that Axiom Entertainment will be given Anime Fuel, RaGETech, RaGE Sports, RaGE UK, the productions of Legend of One, Warriors of the Future, the non-Japan/Korea and the non-North American distribution of AnimeNation properties, and a 20% stake in RMG. In 2017, the logo changed for the first time in three years


  • Chaossy - Founder, lead animator, voice actor


Sports programming

(RaGE Game x RaGE Sports)

Cartoon Projects

(RaGE Animation/Productions USA, RaGE Cartoons, RaGE Animation Europe)

Anime Projects

(AnimeNation Group)

Film Projects

Video Game Projects

(RaGE Games)

Television Channels

(RaGE Media Group)

Television blocks




  • RaGE Anime Group - Production of animated series in Japan.
    • AnimeNation Animation (previously T5Ani) (1985-1997;2015–present) - Animation of animated series in Japan.
  • RaGE Animation - Animation of animated series in the US.
  • RaGE Cartoons - Production of animated series in the US.

Video Game projects

  • RaGE Games (first unit) - Production of video games made by the large majority of the company.
  • RaGE Games Second Unit - Production of video games made by a small group of people in the company, usually 20 of the regular 50.
  • RaGE Games Mobile/Third Unit - Production of mobile games made by 10 people in the company.

Voice over

Logo history

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