Quit Horsing Around is a show that teaches epicness with horses and there lives. The show is rated TV-Y7-FV More plot coming soon!


Thunder: Is a Brave horse that likes to battle LT Horse and there horrible neighbor, Dora. He also likes to hang out with his friends Trevor, Matthew, Peanut, and likes to date the horse called Bessie.

Trevor: Is a epic horse that likes to do random stuff with his friends. He hates LT Horse and Dora and is usually shy around new animals.

Matthew: Is a horse that eats everything in his path, AND I MEAN ANYTHING!!!! His likes to hang out with Thunder and likes to dance!!!

Peanut: Is a horse that is like a father to his babies after his wife, Emily, died six months ago. He hangs out with the gang and will do anything to protect the 5 little horses.

Bessie: Is Thunder's girlfriend and also likes to battle LT Horse and Dora. He also likes to play with Peanut's five little horses.

LT Horse: Is a villain and hates all of the horses. His owner is named LTFan and he also hates the team and sometimes sends LT Horse to go try to kill them.

Dora: Is a mean neighbor that likes to hurt the gang. Everyone hates her and wishes she would DIE!!!!

LTFan: Is the owner of LT Horse and sends LT Horse to go kill the team.





Video Games


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