Theatrical release poster

Directed By

Eggy Soulster

Produced By

Eggy Soulster


Eggy Soulster
Billy West
Greg Eagles
Kayzie Rogers



Box Office


Music By

Nicolas Carr
FruityLoops (now FL Studio)


Paramount Pictures
Nickelodeon Movies
Cracked Crossovers

Release Date

November 1st, 1999

Running Time

70 Minutes (TV version)
90 Minutes (Extended Theater and DVD/VHS version)

  Quarter is a 1999 animated family action-comedy from Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies and Cracked Crossovers. Being the first ever Cracked Crossovers production, the film was directed by Eggy Soulster and produced by Eggy Soulster.

The film stars the voice of Eggy Soulster as Quarter, an intelligent and a strange-looking robot; and the voice of Billy West as Hemlin, the older brother of Quarter who helps Quarter on his quest.

The film earned positive reviews from critics, and grossed over $314 million worldwide, against a budget of $30 million. Quarter was followed by three more sequels: Quarter Again (2004), Quarter: Jimmy Neutron vs Jimmy Two Shoes (2009) and Quarter: Cathode Raybots Invasion (2013).


The film begins as we see Quarter, being unaware about the ROM is closed, due to Thanksgiving break, walking into the Robotic Organization of Mechanics to notice that no one except him and the talking TV screen is in the building. Quarter couldn't go further into his office, since the talking TV screen asked for him to go out. He goes outside and notice that Hemlin and Battery are outside. Quarter asks "Why are you too here?" and they both replied "We have nothing to do". Quarter tells then to get into his car and drive to the Nickelodeon Movies studio which is in Los Angeles. Meanwhile at Bullet's lair, Bullet gets access to CCTV where Quarter is driving... TBA


Transcript page is TBA

International Distribution

Name Country Release date
Quarter United States November 1st, 1999
Quarter United Kingdom, Australia and Canada November 2nd, 1999
'分数の冒険は、ボット, "Bunsū no bōken wa, botto, lit. The Adventures of the Fraction Bot Japan December 4th, 1999


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