Eggy Soulster

Films and television


  • Quarter (1999)
  • Quarter Again (2004)
  • Quarter: Attack Of The Giant Paint (2009)
  • Quarter: Evil Machine Invasion (2013)

TV Shows:


  • Quarter
  • Quarter Operation Force
  • Quarter Again
  • Quarter DS
  • Quarter: Attack Of The Giant Paint
  • Quarter 3D Land
  • Quarter Vs Bad Robots


Short films:

  • Quart Goes Fishing (1998)
  • Quarter In Permanent Paint Accident.
  • Quarter, Hemlin and their Fraction Pals (2006)

  Quarter is a cartoon franchise produced by Eggy Soulster. It consists four films including: Quarter (1999), Quarter Again (2004), Quarter: Attack Of The Giant Paint (2009) and Quarter: Evil Machine Invasion (2013). A 4D version of the first Quarter movie was released in 2012 called The Epic-er Quarter, which used the "Aroma-scope" that was also used in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World and Rugrats Go Wild.

The series primarily focuses on Quarter, a fraction robot who is really intelligent.

The series was a great financial success, being the 26th highest-grossing franchise of all time, and the 9th highest-grossing animated franchise.

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