"Punt Header"
Episode: 9
Airdate: March 1, 2002
Writer(s): BaconMahBoi
Storyboards by: Rebecca Turner
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Punt Header is the ninth episode in the first season of Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing. It is the ninth episode overall.


Bagel manages to punt a ball and then header it and become famous. However, Pookie hears of this and uses his demon mode to snatch his fame.


  • Pookie
  • Bagel
  • Chrome
  • Punt Header Spirit
  • Magic Flying Pink Marker
  • JoeBobElephantKnickerPantsDon'tEvenGetMeStartedOnMySurname (referred to just "JoeBob" in credits


(Theme song)


(Episode begins outside a gym. Scene cuts to inside the gym. We see Pookie on a treadmill.)

Pookie: Come on! Let's run! (begins to sweat) Keep going! (sweats even more) Keep... going.... (sets on fire and falls to the ground)

(Scene cuts to Bagel using a barbell)

Bagel: And up, (lifts up) And down. (lifts down) And... up... (begins to sweat) And... (barbell squishes him)

(Scene cuts to Chrome in a swimming pool, looking at the other two.)

Chrome: Ha! They can't even lift a barbell! (climbs diving board) Now for... the leap of FAITH! ("FAITH" echoes)

(Chrome jumps in the pool, and begins to electrocute.)

Chrome: I wish I wasn't a robo-

(Gym explodes)




Mr Pookie as Pookie

IAmBagel as Bagel

TheChromePerson as Chrome

Kevin Micheal Richardson as Punt Header Spirit

Tara Strong as Magic Flying Pink Marker

Dee Bradley Baker as JoeBobElephantKnickerPantsDon'tEvenGetMeStartedOnMySurname


  • This episode was viewed by 2.197 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • This is the first time Pookie uses his demon mode.


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