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Pumpkin Dave a Poster by MeeksMan

Pumpkin Dave is a mini series created by Johnny Meeks (MeeksMan). The series aired at October 1, 2012 and ended at November 1, 2012.


a troublemaker named Dave add some radiocative ooze over a pumpkin patch called "Pumpkinz Garden". but someone pushed him and the pumpkins turned his head into a pumpkin looks like the same as the Powerful Pumpkins and so Dave aka PumpkinDude will save the universe from the pumpkins who been turned alive by Dave.


"List of Episodes of Pumpkin Dave"

Main Characters

Dave Petterson/PumpkinDude (P.D.): The main character who beened a troublemaker/jack-o lantern and one day he add ooze on a patch and some pumpkins turned alive and someone push him and the evil pumpkins turned his head a pumpkin and becomes nice and a Halloween hero.

Lloyd Satfield/GhostDude: The best friend and sidekick of PumpkinDude and loves pizza and burgers with P.D and plays with P.D. some video games. After Dave turned into PumpkinDude. his friend becomes his sidekick and made a ghost costume and wears it only on October and only the first day of November 1.

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