These are deleted or censored scenes in Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing.

Deleted Scenes

Pookie Checks In

  • There was originally a scene with Chrome and Bagel before Pookie enters their room.

Foot Mug

  • There was originally a scene at the end with Bagel using a butt mug to prank Pookie.

Dream Time

  • There was originally a short dream where Pookie and Chrome are running down one of Pookie's poos. This was cut due to being inappropriate for younger viewers.

How to be a Dummy for Dummies

  • There was originally a scene where an assassin trying to kill Chrome throughout his journey, but the assassin was cut out. He was later put into a scene where he was saying "I'm coming to get you," offscreen, but then we see that he is eating breakfast and says "sausage."
  • There was originally a gory scene where he gets so hungry he eats a human, and traces of blood and flesh were seen. Mr Pookie said he would allow this if the series was a 12 (TV-14).


United States

Season 1

Pookie Checks In
  • Pookie's claws appearing at the beginning was cut.
Krazy the Kraziest
  • Krazy saying "crap," is changed to "stuff."
  • Krazy's overall apperance is changed. In the original version of the episode, Krazy had tiny specks of blood on his tentacles. This was changed for the American version, however due to pressure from the network executives, Krazy's appearance was changed for the rest of the series and all his appearances in other series (except the first three production episodes of Krazy vs. Life).

Season 2

Meals on Wheels
  • The line "Hot dogs? Served with two meatballs?" along with the "ba-dum-tss" was cut due to innuendo.

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