Pilot Count!
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date May 24th, 2019
Written by Superhappyyoshis
Directed by Superhappyyoshis
Episode Guide
Not a Sweetheart
Pilot Count! is the first episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, Count makes his talk show


Count: Man, it's just a normal everyday life.

Tic Tock: Thats nothing compared to starring in a movie for 7 year olds.

Count: Agreed.

Tick Tock: I'm starving. I'm hungry for hungry!

Count: True. Hey, I think I found a deer!

-Deer falls-

Count: -Is staring at Sweetheart looking at dead deer- Why didn't you do one of your boat attacks?

Sweetheart: Ah, those boat attacks were SO last century!

Tic Tock: Because they took place in the last century, the 20th century, why else, fishbrain?

Sweetheart: Can you stop talking for just one second, clock eater?

Tick Tock: It's been several seconds.

Count: -Turns head to Tick Tock- Does it really matter?

Tick Tock: Yes.

Sweetheart: No. I mean like- who cares? We dont talk for several hours in our sleep.

Count: Yeah right.

Tick Tock: Huh?

Count: Sweetheart kept snoring the word "kill" and you kept yelling "clock" every time it ticked!

Tick Tock: Where's the proof?!

Sweetheart: I am aware of me loving killing, and Tick Tock, be glad your not human. You would have to get the so-called "surgery."

Tick Tock: Surgery? I HATE THAT WORD!!!

-Tick Tock jumps on Sweetheart-

Sweetheart: I'm not 100% sweetheart!!!!

-Sweetheart is about to bite Tick Tock-


-Sweetheart and Tick Tock seperate and freeze-

Count: Maybe I can set up a talk show! We need to gather up more famous crocodiles!

Sweetheart: Thats as sweet as some human leg with fish bites!

Tick Tock: And way less annoying than a clock stuck inside you for eternity!

Count: Should we have a band?

Sweetheart: As long as it's not annoying. Plus look! No blood on my teeth after killing for the first time! YIPEE!!! :D

Tick Tock: I'll get The Greens.

Sweetheart: But they're annoying!

Tick Tock: No they're not!

Count: Yeah they are, 100% too. Remember that time...?

-flashback starts-

The Greens: Uno! Dos! Thes! Thats the Dora talk!!!

-the Greens bow-

All the crocodiles: BOO!!!! BOO!!! BOO!!!

The Greens: We will mature! Soon enough.

Count: O_O That was SO strange...

Sweetheart: =_= Yeah...

LT Croc: Yay!!!

All crocodiles: O_O

-Sweetheart eats LT croc-

Count: YAY!!!!

All crocs: WOO!!!!

-flashback ends-

Tick Tock: I saw their concert yesterday, they matured! I'll get them!

Count: Wait- wai- UGH! >:I

-Tick Tock runs to three crocodiles-

Sweetheart: He's so stupid sometimes...

-Tick Tock runs back with The Greens-

The Greens: We can be your band! B-B-BAND!

Count: Uh oh...

The Greens: Sometimes we are a-noy-noy-noyed by others! And we we we like beef! B-b-beef!

Count: Uhh, we only have raw meat. And do you always say your quotes together in a tune!

The Greens: Yes, yes, yes, yes, sure! We're not going to war! We're not going to war!

Sweetheart: None of us said anything about war in the first place.

The Greens: We aren't going to, to, to, to war with the chickens!

Tick Tock: Chicken? Mmm, sounds good. Start a war! Roast them, bake them, and let me eat them!

Sweetheart: Why? To get that clock down your digestive system.

Count: Eww.

Tick Tock: Yuck.

The Greens: Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck yuch! Eww eww eww, eww eww eww!

Count, Sweetheart, and Tick Tock: The Greens, the band.

The Greens: Yay, yay, yay, yay yay! We'll be on our way!

-The Greens walk up to a rock and practice their music-

Tick Tock: Glad THATS over.

Sweetheart: You said it, clock eater.

Tick Tock: Who is the most human-y crocodile here?

Count: I'm the only crocodile with clothing. I am semi-human.

Sweetheart: Semi? This is a kids cartoon for crocodile's stake!

Count: What did I tell you about breaking the fourth wall, killer?

Sweetheart: Sorry sir!

Tick Tock: Umm... -is confused-

Count: Is something wrong, Tick Tock?

Tick Tock: What was that all about?

Count: Nothing you need to know. So, should we go set up the show?

Tick Tock and Sweetheart: Sure!

Count: Okay, then follow me!

-The three crocs run to a pile of rocks, and the episode ends-


  • This is the first episode Superhappyyoshis made after his hiatus.
  • This is the first episode of the series to break the fourth wall.
  • Count is the pilot of a jet on the title card, as a pun on the word "pilot"

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