"Pilot" is the first episode of the comedy cartoon aired on The Best! Cartoons, Random Life. It opened to great success for it's witty humor and use of the Prime Universe.


A greedy man from another city moves to Nicktropolis alongside John and ends up meeting Saint, Bagel, and Web who rent a small apartment together and try to juggle the enormous rent from their landlord Mr. Avraf.


A quite 21-year old man who lives alone in the Sea of Sands between his hometown and Nicktropolis. One day, he walks on a trip to hunt, but is shot in the arm for no reason. Wario looks around and is confused and sees a marksman. He yells, "Don't shoot!", but is shot once again in the stomach. Wario runs aheahd and stops the marksman. He tells the marksman, John, that he is a regular guy. While talking, he is shot again. Wario lifts John up and throws him. A bottle falls out of John's pocket. Wario predicts that it's probably a nonalchoholic beer, laughing at him. However, it is hard whiskey. The two shake hands and go off together to Nicktropolis, John's home, now friends.

After the commercial break, the two meet a trio of insane struggling people who are near out of rent for the month. The trio consists of Bagel, an actual bagel is normal, Saint, a gaming enthusiast who always carries a bloody axe, and Web, a character from a video game is the craziest. The duo accidentally bump into the three and Saint tries to axe murder them and Web summons the 5 to a cosmic dimension where random things and no rules exist. Bagel stops the two and they all agree on friendship.  They need rent and are looking for people with money to help out. Wario tries to tell them that they're both broke as well, but John stops him and lies. The 5 all move in together, but the secret gets out that the duo are broke.


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