Perking's Winters of Many is show about three college humans accidentally getting stuck on Pluto.


  • Samson Trevors (Jason Ritter)
  • Eugene "Uge" Marmalade (Rodger Bumpass)
  • Roderick McFarren (Jerry Trainor)
  • Surtann the Plutonian (Jennette McCurdy)
  • Professor Perking (Harrison Ford)
  • HUBBLE (Mark Hamill)
  • Plutonian King (Tom Kenny)
  • Flamier of Mars (Jim Backus)

Recurring Charcters

  • Squiller (Jim Carrey)
  • Jurnen (Will Ferrel)
  • Retter Step (Shigero Miyamoto)
  • Lesser Flamier of Mars' moon (Jim Backus)
  • Zack Silvia (

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