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"You think most of Rob, Bagel, and Wario's shows are weird? You ain't seen nothing yet!"-The show's tagline

Peach's Adventures in Foodand, is a 3D CGI show revolving around Peach, a female peach who goes on many adventures in her small town Foodland. It is in the style of Jimmy Neutron, and was created by Sr.Wario in 2014.

Peach's Adventures in Foodland
Format Action/Adventure & Comedy
Created by Sr.Wario

Co-Created by Invader Rob and IAmBagel

Writer(s) Sr.Wario, IAmBagel, Invader Rob
Director(s) Theweb0123
Edited by MattBoo
Run time 25 Minutes
Rated TV-Y7, TV-PG
Network Nickelodeon


Peach: A teenage female peach who is caring and kindhearted but tomboyish.

Cheese: Peach's shy best freind. He has a crush on her.

Carrot: A buff yet stupid carrot who tries to protect his freinds Peach and Cheese like an older brother.

Apple: Peach's annoying little sister. She cries a lot.

Blackberry: An goth berry who is a rival of Peach, but not an enemy.

Mango: The fruit character from Y-Guy who makes frequent cameos.

Billy Bark: The main antagionist. He is a bully who discovered Foodland and wants to eat the gang.


In the small town of Foodland, anything could happen. However, an unlikely trio of heroes must fight to save thier town from the evil Billy Bark!


In 2015, it was announced that a Peach movie would premire later. Finally, the creators gave a set date of December 25, 2016. The movie was a critical sucsess and is called Peach: Big Screen Adventures.

Video Game

Wario Inc. and Invader Productions announced a colab game based off of the movie.


List of Peach's Adventures in Foodland Episodes


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