Airdate: December 12, 1998
Writer(s): Skullbones123
Main: Skullbones123
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Pass a Penny is the first episode of Goldie, and is part of Season 0. It aired on December 12, 1998.


Goldie gets annoyed because everyone keeps passing him on for luck.


Goldie: Time to go to school.

(Goldie walks into class and sees chairs being thrown and fires)

Goldie: O_O Wrong class.

Random Bully: Hey twerp! (Goldie looks) Pass a penny to your friend, and your luck will never end!

(The random bully picks up Goldie and passes him on to someone else)

Goldie: I knew I should've been homeschooled.

(It is shown that U.N.F.D is being passed too.)

U.N.F.D: I thought you didn't want to be homeschooled.


Goldie's Mum (Flashback): Would you like to be hom-

Goldie (Flashback): No.

(Flashback ends)

Goldie: Well, that was before I found out homeschooling didn't have flying chairs and fires!

U.N.F.D: Ahem... Fireplace.

Goldie: Oh... Well, there's no flying chairs!

U.N.F.D: Ahem... Ummmmmmm... You win this time!


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