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Paper Land is a television show which features animated paper figures that do random and crazy things every day.


Paper Land/Episodes



Park: The main antagonist who is a paper page. He is always willing to go on an adventure.

Line: The deuteragonist who is Park's best friend. He is a scrap of paper with a pencil line drawn on him. Paperpuppy: Line's dog, who is afraid of cats.

Airspeed: A paper airplane who is very fast.

Pencil Sharpener: A pencil sharpener, who is a bit of a coward.


Cheese: One of Pencil Sharpener's best friends who is addicted to video games.

Repap: A weird paperperson who's name is "Paper" in reverse.


Snip: The main antagonist who is a pair of scissors, who always tries to destroy Paper Land.

Napkin 1: A napkin who acts innocent, but secretly tries to take over Paper Land along with Napkin 2.

Napkin 2: A napkin who acts innocent, but secretly tries to take over Paper Land along with Napkin 1.

Evil Bulldog: An evil bulldog, who is the rival of Paperpuppy.

Angry Paper Sailor Hat: An angry paper sailor hat that's one of the billion other Angry Paper Sailor Hats.


Mr. Blah: A random paperperson who is a walking and talking hamburger.

Doodle Pencil: A drawing of a pencil who is friends with Mr. Blah.

Paper Phil: A random paperperson who looks exactly like Park.

Pencil Shaving: A pencil shaving who is very weird and creepy.


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