Papa Squeegee's New Frycook is the 15th episode of the first season of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.


Chrome gets hired as a frycook for a Papa Squeegee's, which is notably the place where the Zorguian laser got fired. But when he sees the Papa Squeegee's is run by



  • Chrome: Can I take a break now?
  • Clem: No!
  • Chrome: ...what about now?
  • Clem: Negatory.
  • Chrome: Now?
  • Clem: Never.
  • Chrome: Can I please just take a break now?!
  • Clem: Well, let's see... you fired a laser that almost destroyed the planet and severed my arm.
  • Chrome: Uh, whoops. Sorry... so can I still have a break?
  • Clem: NO!


  • The Papa Squeegee slogan is changed to keep the episode PG-rated:

"If you're ever hungry
Think of Luigi
Come right down
We have Deep Fried Squeegees!"

"Papa Squeegee
Papa Squeegee
We're everywhere, including caves and Fiji!"

"Slightly poisoned
Not our problem
Shut the heck up
You love Papa Squeegees!"

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