Papa Squeegee is a chain of fast food restaurants found in every major city in the Nickelodeon Fanonverse and headquartered in Fort Pooda, California. Founded by Lapo Luigi in 1999, they serve an assortment of food but their means of preparing it is highly questionable. Eating more than one of their meals throughout the time period of 24 hours will result in vomiting. They have been involved in various lawsuits over the course of the decade.



Theme song

The company's theme song is featured in their odd radio advertisements and their website.

"If you're ever hungry
Think of Luigi
Come right down
We have Deep Fried Squeegees!"

"Papa Squeegee
Papa Squeegee
We sell everywhere except in goddamn Fiji"

"Slightly racist
Not our problem
Shut the hell up
You love Papa Squeegees!"


Meal Description Cost
Spaghetti con Tutto
Meaning "Spaghetti with Everything." It's spaghetti with mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken, corn, tacos, french fries, hot dogs, cake, and a banana.
Deep Fried Squeegees
Self-explanatory. This is a squeegee deep fried. Best ate with salt.
The Fatty Burger
A giant burger with 18 gallons of mayonnaise, 1,899 patties, 123 slices of cheese topped with 1 gallon of barbecue sauce, 24 sardines, and sprinkles.
Recipe-Veggie Lasagna
It's lasagna.
The Chocolate Volcano
A mini volcano flowing with chocolate lava that will burn a hole through your mouth if you eat it.
Saggy Flapjacks
Aged pancakes from the Stone Age.
Chinese Special
A taco and an egg roll combined.
Squeegee Cola
It's rocks, cloth, sheep, iron, paper, a microwave, and a car engine all put into a blender to make a liquid.
Crappy Meals
A kids' meal that comes with freshly cut grass (marketed as "lettuce"), durians or acorns, live shrimp and milk or water. Toys occasionally come with the meals, which are more often than not cardboard squares. Rarely, handcuffs are given out in place of the cardboard. The meals are intended to stop childhood obesity. They come in ziploc bags instead of cardboard boxes and sometimes the drinks even spill out allowing the shrimps to swim about.
Cylinders of Italian Quisine
Cylinders of Italian quisine.

Controversies and legal cases


Papa Squeegee is notoriously racist towards most ethnic groups except Italians. TBA

Notable employees

  • Erin: As a teenager, she had a part-time job here in an attempt to raise money for college tuition.
  • Frederick:


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