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Season One

Twelve twenty-two minute episodes in the Time Frame of thirty minutes (counting commericals) have been ordered for Season One. Due to somewhat negative comments, slow production, and many Hiatuses, it is unlikely to get many more episodes, if any. The episodes don't have a specific order of airing, though it tends to air on Fridays and Weekends. As the plot line deepens and thickens, the episodes become more intense.

List Of Season One Episodes

Win-Win - After waking up beaten-up and naked outside of a bar in his own flilth after his Birthday, Chuck Norris believes he has lost his "thing". Palmer, a Panda with the desire to become a action movie star, bumps into Chuck at McDonalds. After talking for a while, Palmer promises to help Chuck deal with his depression, and Chuck says he will teach Palmer the basics of being a movie star. Meanwhile, a small but evil creature is mistaken for coal and is put into a fireplace of a simple-living octopus.

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