Out of Ideas is an episode of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.


The creators of the show sit around a couch, out of ideas. Jimmy suggests that Chrome faces an evil overlord with a pink princess wand. Reggie says nah. Bob brings in a pizza, and suggests they do an episode about a pizza place. Reggie gasps and says no, mentioning an incident during the production of Free Pizza. John the Janitor sighs and trips in the dark broom closet, accidentally opening a portal saying "DO NOT TOUCH, SIT, STAND OR BREATHE ON". Chrome and his friends pop out of the portal, suggesting ideas. Jimmy stares at them and asks what's going on.

Reggie fires John. Chrome looks around and notices that the room looks weird. Reggie looks at Chrome from all different angles. Chrome backs away slowly and suggests they do an episode entirely focused on cats. Maggie the Assistant gets out a piece of paper for the script and Chrome grabs it, writing down the episode in about 2 seconds.

The writers do a thumbs-up as the gang go back to the portal. Reggie waves bye to them, but accidentally falls through the portal. Suddenly, it begins to rain cats. Chrome and his friends are now cats. Everyone is cats but Reggie.

Chrome states this was a terrible idea and meows. John comes out of his apartment stating "I hate this.". Reggie is shouting to open the portal, but his shouts can't be heard from all the meowing. The crew members eventually get a rope from the portal, which the cats view as a playtoy, stratching it to pieces. Chrome heads to his house, getting an invention from his lab. He shoots it at the portal in the sky, making it fall down. The cats go into the portal, flooding the office.

Chrome rewrites the script.


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