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This was a Two Time Travelling Idiots Creepypasta

This supposed "Episode" starts with Moe and Joe walking down a bridge, but Joe cracks a part of the bridge and gets impaled by a spiky rock,  the screen then goes to static. the next scene is joe's funeral, the contrast gets very bad. later, Moe gets stabbed by a fork. the next day, he walks out of his apartment, and an invisible gun shoots him. he is astonished he is still alive after all this. when he walks into hos apartment, and he sees Anny, Eddy and Censoron brutally slaughtered, and on the wall, in green and red blood, says "YOU'RE NEXT ON THE HIT-LIST!" and Moe gets scared. With all of Joe's income, he hires a janitor to clean his room, but when he gomes back, he sees that the janitor's body blew up. there is blood everywhere. Moe takes the money the janitor had, and rents a hotel. when he tries to sleep, a demented Joe comes out and says "It's Your Time, Only God can Help you now!!! Moe gets ripped apart, and the screen goes static.


People thought this was real, but Destroyer334545 Proved them Wrong

This was referenced in "PETA sucks Crap"

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