This is my creepypasta for October Fest. Hope you enjoy.

HOTE: This creepy pasta is based off a true story, which is very creepy if you think of it.


Chapter 1: Longing Wood

It was the day of November 5, 1975, in Snow County Mountain, Arizona, seven loggers were cutting logs all day and chopping it down. Itt was then at sunset, they decided to go home. Halfway through the drive home to Snowflake, Arinzona, the logger crew saw a light upcoming. "It could just be the moon." Jack said, erily hoping it was. "No Jack, the moon is on this side." Kenny replied, pointing to the real moon's location. "Maybe it's a fire." Travis Walton said, he was wearing blue jeans, a black coat, and had a black hat on to uncover from cold. "Let's go check it out." Robert drove the F1-50 toyada to the light's location, there they saw a circle-shaped hover-craft. "O....M....G...." Arron gasped in disbelivfe. Travis opened the car and walked near the disc, suddenly, the craft began spinning faster and making somewhat of a turbine sound. "TRAVIS, GET BACK IN!" The six other loggers begged Travis to come back, after a heartpounding four seconds, a greenish-blue light whent out of the craft and hit Travis, sticking him on foot and throwing him 10 feet, right shoulder, on the grass. Robert was conviened by the others Travis was dead, and sped 80 miles an hour through the forest. TBC

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