Season 1

  • The Very Stupid and Sucky Pilot: Doodle catches a disease called "ActsLikeADogForOneDayItis", and now Scribble must take care of him for 24 hours. (TV-PG-D)
  • emiT nuF: Doodle and Scribble end up getting trapped inside an indoor amusement park. (TV-PG-L-D)
  • Math Sucks, and is Evil and Annoying: Doodle reveals his opinion on math, but is forced to go to college a few seconds later. (TV-PG-L)
  • INTERWEBZ VIDEOZ: Doodle and Scribble make a viral video. (TV-PG-V)
  • A Day in the Life of a Racer: The Racer's daily routine is shown, which is apparently race, kill, race, kill, race, kill, race, kill. (TV-PG-L-V-D)
  • Good Show: Doodle and Scribble decide to make a play and get famous and rich for it. (TV-Y7)
  • Aliens Wanna Steal My Organs and Sell Them On Ebay - The True Story: Doodle and Scribble encounter aliens who wanna harvest their organs. (TV-PG-V)
  • Please Pass The Egg Salad: Scirbble goes mentally insane when is egg salad is stolen. (TV-PG-V)
  • Scribblenots: Scribble receives a magic notebook from his father, and Doodle recieves a globe from his mother as a parody of Scribblenauts. (TV-PG-L)
  • Oh Noes: TBA (TV-PG-V-L)
  • Doomy Doom Doomy Doom: Doodle thinks that the end of the world is near. (TV-PG)
  • On the Case: Doodle is forced to become a detective after losing a bet. (TV-PG-V)
  • Trials of LT Fan (six parts) (crossover episode): LT Fan hosts a contest in order to torture Doodle Land and Nicktropolis at the same time.

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