Notebook is a 2013 animated series rated TV-PG and rarely TV-14. Two episodes were TV-Y7.




A person made of paper named Doodle lives in a crazy village with adventures with his friends.



  • Doodle: The main protagonist who is addicted to clay and popcorn.
  • Scribble: Doodle's brother, who is an expert driver.
  • Lamp: A lamp, who is very insane. He can be antagonistic at times.


  • Growl: A giant dog, who's doghouse is 10 stories high.
  • Meow: A giant cat, who is the rival of Growl.
  • Hiss: A giant snake, who is the superior of Growl and Meow.
  • Worstfold: A bad-made airplane with rips and tape all over him. Whenever he flies, he crashes, and for some reason, still keeps his job.
  • Bestfold: Worstfold's cousin, and the best paper airplane ever made. Some say his wings are gold painted white.


  • SoMuchCashYourHeadExplode: Doodle's neighbor, who is very rich and sadistic.


  • The Racer: A racer, and the main antagonist, who is a platinum trophy with cartoon-like eyes and mouth. His arms and legs are simply lines with very sticky circles. He cheats when he races, and when he isn't racing, he's focused on destroying the world.
  • Cupcake: A cupcake, who is a little girl focused on making everybody eat junk food.
  • Bolt: A lightning bolt, that is frozen solid.


  • Although the title is Notebook, almost everything in the show isn't paper.
  • Notebook is the second show to have the shortest opening scene, beaten by The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Similar to The Simpsons, and possibly Spongebob, Notebook will never end.
  • Doodle has many fears, including Paper, Wood, Pictures, People, his cat, his dog, his unicorn, his monster under his bed, Scribble, air, himself, mirrors, paper, radios, toilet paper, toilets, magazines, television, words, walking, doors, showers, shower curtains, garbage and many more.



  • On September 3, 2012, Chromebolt said the series was to cancel in the year 9068. This was later proven as a joke, and that the series would continue after 9068.
  • On Notebook's 2nd anniversary, a cake was thrown at the screen during two episodes.
  • In April 2013The series was rated "for only 90 and over".
  • On Notebook's 4th anniversary, a white text said that the cake for the 3rd anniversary had a bomb in it or something, so they had to save the cake until it exploded, which it does seconds later.

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