Airdate: May 24th, 2019
Writer(s): Superhappyyoshis
Main: Superhappyoshis
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Not a Sweetheart is the second episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, Sweetheart tests the talk show, and it aired. The talk show became a big hit, and Sweetheart just became more famous.


The Greens: We, we, we've been walking for hours.... ers!

Count: We've only been walking for a few minutes, guys! Be normal or your fired!

-The Greens play a sad song-

Sweetheart: I found a pile of rocks, a branch, and a crocodile with a camera!

Tick Tock: Really?! Wow! Rocks are so awesome! And so are branches!!!! I love branches and rocks!!! Branches and rocks forever! :D

-The crocodiles rush toward the crocodile-

Derek: I'm Derek. I've been trying to find a use with this box thingy for years!

Count: You can video tape us, and send us to TV! We will be stars! I'm setting up a talk show!

Derek: What's a talk show?

Sweetheart: WHAT THE!??!?!? Its a show where people talk to famous guys. They're big hips to eat! I mean... hits to put on telivision!

Count: We need a pilot. We need a crocodile to test the show with. Then it will air.

Tick Tock: No no not me!!! My clock- it'll drive the guests and viewers CRAZY!

-All the crocodiles stare at Tick Tock-

Count: O_O Whoever said you would be the tester?! Sweetheart will be the tester.

Derek: What? No no not him...

Count: This is no time to get choosy about famous guys!

Tick Tock: Sweetheart's a boy!?

Sweetheart: /).- I have a male voice and everything. All but my name =_=

Derek: I know why they named you that, but it's a long story.

Sweetheart: Yeah...

Count: Lets set up!

-Count makes a pile of rocks and makes a hole like a room in it. Derek sticks the branch right in frount of the hole-

Sweetheart: It's splendid :D

Tick Tock: Don't talk like that >:(

Sweetheart: Fine. It's epic!

Count and Derek: Thanks!

Sweetheart: Anytime...

-Derek sets the camera to video mode when Count and Sweetheart are sitting next to eachother-

Count: Hello Everglades! Welcome to The Count Desertstone Show! Today's famous crocodile will be... Sweetheart.

Sweetheart: I am famous for many boat attacks and kills!

Count: Yes.


-Sweetheart claws Count's arm and there is a time card that says "a cast later." After that the show turns back on with Count with a cast on his left arm-

Count: Sorry for the interruption, which is strange! Heh heh...

Sweetheart: >:) Thanks :)

Count: So Sweetheart, how did you get the the Everglades?

Sweetheart: Well, scientists thought I was dead, but I really escaped to the Everglades :D!

Count: Very nice! What's your favorite type of meat?

Sweetheart: HUMAN :P

Count: Thats adnormal! :D :)! Now, whats your favorite type of human?

Sweetheart: The ones that like Dora. It feels good to remove a Dora fan from Earth :D

Count: It really does! :D

Sweetheart: Do you have a human leg?

Count: No :D! But we do have... a live human!

-Camera moves to a hunter. Sweetheart takes his gun and makes him drown-

Sweetheart: I'll eat it later. I don't want blood on such a clean, great show!

Count: I agree, your SWEET :D!

Sweetheart: Thank you! :)

Count: Your 100% male, aren't you?

Sweetheart: Yes =_=

Derek: Bye Everglades!

-Derek turns off the camera and sends it to TV-

-5 seconds later-


Count: Really?

Sweetheart: Let me see that!

-Sweetheart takes the camera and Derek frowns-

Count: -is looking at phone- HE LOVES IT!!!!!


All crocodiles: WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

-Episode ends with balloons in the air-

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