No Where Special is an action/ comedy made by DeadManThunder as a solo project. It airs both on The Dark Side Channel and Adult Swim's Toonami block. It airs both a TV-PG and a TV-14 rating and Sometimes a TV-MA rating

Season 1:

Episode 1- Sleeping Dimensions. TV-PG-LV

Summary: 15 year old Daryll has woken up in another dimension where he then meets a group of freindly government agents that hunt down intergalactic pirates. While trying to find his way back home

Episode 2- Bar Crawl. TV-14

Summary: The Capitan must have more members on his team and submits the help of his friends at a bar. But no matter where they go they are never safe from the intergalactic pirates.

Episode 3- Moon Shiners. TV-14-V

Summary: The Capitan has found cover in a moon shine plant. And with that they also find a friend and an enemy.

Episode 4- Dr. Fake. TV-PG-DLV

Summary: There is a shapeshifter aboard the ship. The crew must find him before he kills them all.

Episode 5- Not-so-Exact Plan. TV-PG-L

Summary: The Capitan devises a plan to get rid of enemy pirates but for some reason they keep getting lost.

Episode 6- Choppy Waters. TV-PG-DLS

Summary: There is a storm brewing as the crew must battle the horrible Ktulu in order to pass.

Episode 7- Choppy Waters Part 2. TV-PG-LV

Summary: Not only is the crew still battling the Ktulu, they also must battle the people of Atlantis.

Episode 8- The Museum of Mystery. TV-PG-DSV

Summary: TBA

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