Nicky: The Feature Film Spectacular! is a 2014 movie about the Nicktoon Nicky. It is a comedy/action movie, that is rated PG, for mild language and violence. The movie is animated. The movie was inspired by The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and Y-Guy: The Movie.


Nicky is bored as he is stuck home on a rainy day. Floating in the air, a Jack-in-the-Box comes through the window. Nicky excitedly opens it and is sucked into the toy. In the background,  deep loud evil laughing starts, someone coughs and then squeaks, ending the laugh. TBA


Nicky: A 2 year old mastermind. He is young, but intellligent and strong. He is the main character

Brandon: Nicky's older brother. He is 10 years old, and the smartest in the family

Dr. Boom: A monsterous parody of Dr. Doom. He is planned to be the main antagionist.

Shadow Angel: A small villainous sprite who has a very squeaky voice. He manipulates Boom for his own gain and is a main antagonist.

Clownd: A small 8-Bit clown who is insane. He is the manipulative magician of all dimensions and forms alliances only for his won good.

Mrs. Smith: A minor charcter, and Nick and Brandon's mom.

Mr. Smith: A character only mentioned. He is the father of both Nick and Brandon.

Boombots: Mindless soldiers created by Dr. Boom.

Eli: Brandon's best friend. He is hispanic and short.

Rachel: Brandon's crush, who is a brunette.

Y-Guy(Cameo): A letter creature who is on the TV in Brandon's room.

Zim(Cameo): Mentioned by Dr. Boom.

Professor Carrotstein(Cameo): Appears in posters in Boom's Lair.

LT Fan(Cameo): Same as Carrotstein.





The youngest hero ever to pack a punch is on the big screen!

All the craziness you would ever want. 1-1-14

Start off your year with everyones favorite baby boy!

The best baby is now in 3D...

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