(Screen shows Nicktropolis with citizens running from LT-Bots)

SuperSaiyanKirby's Voice: A town we once almost destroied...

Invader Rob's Voice: And there are few citizens left...

(Screen shows lands surrounding Nicktropolis)

Y-Guy's Voice: We need a savior....

(Screen shows SuperSaiyanKirby, MattBoo, Invader Rob, Kirby, and Y-Guy in a lair disscusing something)

SuperSaiyanKirby: All of our citizens have evacuated, and there are only few of us le-

MattBoo: Wait!

Homestar: What?

MattBoo: What about the new citizen that moved into town the other day?

Invader Rob: What are you talking about?

MattBoo: Yesterday, I saw a new citizen arrive in the town...

(Screen fades into black, and these word's appear "See Nicktropolis like you've never seen it before")

(These Word's appear: "And for the very first time.....YOU are the hero)

(Shows various gameplay)

(Screen fades into black once more, and the words "Nicktropolis Quest: Coming 2014" appear)

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