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Nicktoons World Championships
Developer(s) Capcom, Nickelodeon, THQ, Rare (Europe), Nintendo (China)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date December 1997 (America)

January 1998 (Europe) January 1998 (Japan) May 2005 (IQue Player)

Genre Fighting, Beat 'Em Up, Brawl, Action
Mode(s) Story Mode

Splat Down Mode Survival Mode Tower Defense Mode Tournament Mode Stamp Mode

Rating(s) E
Platform(s) Nintendo 64, IQue Player (China)

Nicktoons World Championships is a fighting game for the Nintendo 64 console. It was released in December 1997 by Capcom and the now defunct THQ. The game is a fighting game based off of Nicktoons shows. The game can have up to 2 players at a time while 1-2 additional controllers can be plugged in for tournament mode. During Splat-Down mode, one additional person can plug in his or her Nintendo 64 controller to activate camera mode, where you can take snapshots of battles between players. (In Splat-Down Mode).



Control Pad/Joystick-Move/Angle Attacks


Up B-Air Attack

Down B-Down Attack

Side B- Side Attack


Up X- Down Special

Side X- Side Special

Down X- Down Special


Start- Pause

R/L-Take Picture

Story Mode

In the games story mode, Reptar, from the Rugrats series has taken the 7 legendary splat orbs. Your job is to choose a character and play through over 90 levels of fighting action to rescue the orbs and put a stop to Reptar's ways. When you beat story mode you unlock Reptar as a playable character.

Splat-Down Mode

This mode uses gameplay elements from Super Street Fighter. In this mode, you choose a character and an opponent. You then choose a stage and fight a 1 VS. 1 battle against your opponent. This mode can be played with 2 people. If you plug in a third controller, this person can pause the battle at any time to take screenshots. These can be saved onto your console's internal memory.

Survival Mode

In survival mode, the goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible. You receive three lives at the beginning. You play on a flat, endless stage. Waves of enemies will spawn and will be significantly harder than normal. The more enemies you defeat, the more things you unlock.

Tower Defense Mode

Tower defense mode is a two player mode. In this mode, you and your opponent have two minutes to build a model fort. After you finish, your goal is to destroy the fort as quickly as possible. The owner of the last standing castle then becomes the winner. The camera is also available on this mode as well

Tournament Mode

In Tournament mode, you fight battles like in Splat-Down Mode. Except in this mode, a bracket is set up with up to 16 players. Each person will fight one versus one battles until a winner is crowned. Only 2 controllers are needed for this mode. You can play with 4, 8, or 16 players. You can also add CPUs.


The game has a total of 14 playable characters from many different shows. Characters are classified into 3 different types. The types are speed type, power type, and technical type. Once you unlock 5 characters and all the stages you unlock a special character. This character has a special type. His type is called All Around. All Around type has all the abilities that power, speed, and technique have, but in smaller portions. Speed type characters are very quick and agile. Power type characters are very strong and have powerful attacks. However, power type characters are terrible in air combat. Technical type characters have very smooth attacks and by far the most fluid attacks. There are 8 characters that are starters, while 6 are Unlockable. Before you unlock a character, you must meet the given requirements and beat that character in a 1 V 1 match.

Name Description Origin Costume Character Type
Angelica is very quick and agile. She use various weapons to fight including, Cynthia, her hair, her teeth, and she can even headbutt. Rugrats Princess Angelica Speed
Arnold has very strong attacks and is good in air combat situations. He uses his baseball bat, bike, feet, and a pig to fight. His B attack is bat whack. His side B is Batarang. His Up B is Bat twist. His down B is Down Bat Thrust. His special attack is pig throw. His Side Special is Bike Time. His up special is Pig Spin. His down Special is stomp. Hey Arnold! Banana Arnold Technique
Stimpson J. “Stimpy” Cat Stimpy J. Cat Stimpy has very slow speed but powerful attacks. He uses his body and a package of Gritty Kitty Litter to fight. His B attack is Stimpy Punch. His side B is Rolly Polly. His Up B is Flying Stimpy. His down B is Ground Pound. His Special Attack is Gritty Kitty. His Side Special is Gritty Kitty Bowling. For his Up and Down Special attacks, he calls on Muddy Mud Skipper to help him fight. The Ren And Stimpy Show Ninja Stimpy Power
Krumm is a very fast character and is often considered to be the best in the game. Despite being fast, Krumm has almost no special abilities.He can throw his eyes. Aahhh! Real Monsters Ghost Krumm Speed
Rocko Wallaby
Rocko is the fastest character in the game but has horrible strength and speed. He uses various characters from his show as companions. Rocko's Modern Life Super Rocko Speed
Dagget Doofus Beaver
Daggett is a tricky character to master. His attacks require precision and patience. The Angry Beavers Muscular Beaver Technique
Norbert is a powerful character with punishable attacks. He uses his teeth and can grow them at will. The Angry Beavers Gentleman Norbert Power
Ickis is a slapstick character that uses screams to attack. She has a scream system where in order to execute an attack you must charge it to the level of scream you want. The higher, the better. Aahhhh! Real Monsters Disco Ickis Technique
Reptar (Unlock by clearing Story Mode)
Reptar is the most powerful character in the game. He can breathe fire and stomp on opponents. Rugrats Zombie Reptar Power
Helga (Unlock by fighting 100 battles)
Helga Geraldine Pataki
Helga is fast and has a long reach. She may be fast but, her attacks are like shoulder jabs and do little damage. Hey Arnold! Milk Helga Speed
Ren (Unlock by playing 5 rounds of Tower Defense Mode)
Ren Hoëk
Ren is hard to get used to and has tricky attacks. He is hard to master and bites to attack. The Ren And Stimpy Show Devil Stimpy Technique
Oblina (Unlock by entering the cheat code "SCREAM_4_Real")
Oblina may seem scrawny, but she has incredibly hard attacks. She also has long reach. Aahhh! Real Monsters Cane Oblina Power
Splatboy (Unlock by clearing story mode with Reptar)
Splatboy is a balanced character. He can transform into various things such as a dinosaur or rocket ship. Nickelodeon Bumpers He has no costume, but, he has green, purple, blue, red, yellow, pink, rainbow, cyan, and black variants. All-Around


The stages are themed arenas based off of places in different Nicktoons Shows. A total of 4 stages are available. 4 are available from the start.

Starter Stages

  • The Dam (Angry Beavers)
  • Crib Zone (Rugrats)
  • Arnold's Street (Hey Arnold)
  • Rocko's House (Rocko's Modern Life)


Two different bundles were released. Each bundle includes a Nintendo 64 game console, a rumble pak, two Nicktoons Controllers, a copy of Nicktoons World Championships, a Super Mario 64 game, a game manual, a game boy link cable, and a poster featuring the characters of the game. It was released the same day the game launched. Version number 1 has an orange splat console while number 2 features a green splat console. Each bundle sold for $329.000.


A sequel is currently in production for the Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color. There will be some sort of connectivity between the two. It will come out in 1998.

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