Nicktoons Racing Blast is the ultimate Nicktoons Racing Game!!!





T.U.F.F. Cup

  1. T.U.F.F. HQ
  2. HiHi Puffy Prix
  3. Stick Speedway
  4. Bikini Bottom Blowout

Randomness Cup

  1. Wuhu Island
  2. Shell Town
  3. Dry Dry Dessert
  4. Paparappa Town High

Penguin Cup

  1. Popple's Neighborhood
  2. Petropoils
  3. Uglydoll City
  4. Moshi Fun Park

Mingle Cup

  1. Mingler's Headquarters
  2. Ms. Puff's Driving School
  3. Jungle Falls
  4. Babo's Cookie Kitchen

Mr. Men Cup

  1. Dillydale
  2. Parappa Circut
  3. The Sewers
  4. Urban City

Tamagotchi Cup

  1. Tamatown
  2. Petropoils Mall
  3. Posiedum
  4. Industrial Park

Angry Bird Cup

  1. Angy Birds Speedway
  2. Tamagotchi Bridge
  3. South Park
  4. The Roof

Special Cup

  1. Yoshi Stadium
  2. Dino Dino Jungle
  3. Hell
  4. Rainbow Road


  • This was going to be Nicktoons Racing 3, but when they got the idea from Dragonball Z: Raging Blast, they changed the name to Nicktoons Racing Blast.
  • The Wuhu Island track only has one lap, just like in Mario Kart 7.

How To Get Unlockable Racers


Wii/DS/Xbox/PS2 Shop Store

In the wii shop store, you can download extra characters that you can't play as, beta tracks like the Dokan Course, Dragon Pass, and others, you can also use your miis & xbox avatars.

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