The Whole Scripts of Nicktoons Kart's Story Mode.



The Scripts/Cutscenes

Meet the Racers

(At Spongebob's house)

Spongebob: Good Racer am I la la la la laaaaa

Patrick: Hiya Spongebob

Spongebob: Hi Patrick

Patrick: What you doin

Spongebob: Making a race car made out of Pineapple

(Patrick Laughs)

Patrick: How Supid is that

Spongebob: Watch it has a nice move I got. PATTY STORM!!!

(Krabby Patties fall down from the sky)

Patrick: Its Raining Krabby Patties. YEAH!

Spongebob: Leave me to my work. theres other racers who are doing it.

(At Velo's Lair)

Velo: That Spongey guy and his chubby starfish. I will soon turn them into stone.

Plankton: ooo yes I will get that yellow twit once and for all!!!

(At Jimmy Neutron's Lab)

Jimmy: at last my Rocket is rebuild now I can test it to see I can race for the big race and a Special Move button when its full.

(Goddard barks)

Jimmy: Don't Worry Goddard whats the worst that can happen?

Velo: Soon or Later I will turn that Nerd into stone and I get what I want!

Profferser Calmutious: At Last Jimmy will never face us!

(At T.U.F.F HQ)

Dudley: Kitty are you done yet if you are can we go.

Kitty: As soon as I done you kart Dudley.

Dudley: Everyone is gonna be there.

The Chamaleon: Those T.U.F.Fs won't pay attaction as Velo will make me huge so I can smash the whole city!

Velo: Calm down you will soon get it

(At Yoshi's House)

Yoshi: so I can use my old kart like that day when Mario does his kart racing.

Kirby: and your moves are great.

Yoshi: Yep Kirby and we better get going.

Velo: Don't worry my Monkey you will soon smash that dino and that pink ball of yours

(Donkey Kong Smash the floor)

(At Tink and Fling's Castle)

Tink: That was a great spin. But we need to get the zim's house or will miss it. it could be real shame if we miss it.

Fling: Yeah I know but we have to face it. We can use it as a nice move.

Black Mistress: I say I will handle that fat blob once as I soon get rid you their friends

Velo: You will soon find them. But its time to attack my Villains.

(Zim's House)

Zim: The Voot rider is nearly finish time for a great test

(Noise Makes)

Zim: what is that noise

more TBA

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