Nicktoons Food Fight is a game based on Ed, Edd n Eddy's Lunchroom Rumble


During lunchtime at the school everyone declares a food fight and whoever wins will become the ultimate food fight champion.


It plays like Super Smash Bros and Ed, Edd n Eddy's Lunchroom Rumble.


There will be 20 playable charatcers. (8 starter.)



  • Selection Quote: "P to the A to the R to the A. Parappa's the name I rap every day."
  • Winning Quote: "I Gotta Believe!"
  • Stats: Speed 4/ Strength 2/ Range 2
  • Victory Pose: Spin, then throws his hat in the air
  • Signiture Food: Beard Burger


  • Selection Quote: "I'm ready!"
  • Winning Quote: "K-R-A-B-B-Y P-A-T-T-Y says I"
  • Stats: Speed 2/ Strength 4/ Range 2
  • Victory Pose: Kisses his spatula and holds it up in the air
  • Signiture Food: Krabby Patty


  • Selection Quote: "Good Choice!"
  • Winning Quote: "Leave it to Lammy!"
  • Stats: Speed 3/ Strength 3/ Range 2
  • Victory Pose: Spins,then plays her guitar
  • Signiture Food: Slice of pepperoni pizza

Extreme Penguin

  • Selection Quote: "What's The Matter, To EXTREME for you?"
  • Winning Quote: "WINNA!"
  • Stats: Speed 4/ Strength 2/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Puts on a medal, then takes picture of himself
  • Signiture Food: French fries


  • Selection Quote: "Let's Do This!"
  • Winning Quote: "Now, We Dance!"
  • Stats: Speed 4/ Strength 3/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Dances.
  • Signiture Food: Bowl of noodles


  • Selection Quote: "Alright, Come On Then."
  • Winning Quote: "That was fun."
  • Stats: Speed 3/ Strength 3/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Jumps very happy.
  • Signiture Food: Hard boiled egg


  • Selection Quote: "Hang It Loud!"
  • Winning Quote: "Time To Rock!"
  • Stats: Speed 3/ Strength 2/ Range 4
  • Victory Pose: Sings very coolish.
  • Signiture Food: Plate of spaghetti


  • Selection Quote: "Funky Hero!"
  • Winning Quote: "Looks like everything's normal again."
  • Stats: Speed 2/ Strength 4/ Range 4
  • Victory Pose: Does the same thing as Phoniex Wright in UMVC3.
  • Signiture Food: Nachoes


Ember McLain

  • Selection Quote: "Eat this dipstick!"
  • Winning Quote: "Tell me who you love?"
  • Stats: Speed 4/ Strength 4/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Does the same victory pose like Lammy
  • Signiture Food: Ghost Taco

Patrick Star

  • Selection Quote: "I sure am hungry"
  • Winning Quote: "Did I win?"
  • Stats: Speed 1/ Strength 4/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Burps loudly and scratches his butt.
  • Signiture Food: Chimichanga


  • Selection Quote: "Let's get this crackin!"
  • Winning Quote: "Oh ya, Oh ya, I RULE!"
  • Stats: Speed 4/ Strength 2/ Range 2
  • Victory Pose: Puts his hands in the air and starts dancing.
  • Signiture Food: Burrito


  • Selection Quote: "Penguins, Assemble!"
  • Winning Quote: "Mission Acomplised."
  • Stats: Speed 2/ Strength 3/ Range 4
  • Victory Pose: Salutes.
  • Signiture Food: Hot twisted pretzal


  • Selection Quote: "Nice pick."
  • Winning Quote: "Yes!"
  • Stats: Speed 4/Strength 2/Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Does his Victory Dance.
  • Signiture Food: Carrot

Bobblehead Fred

  • Selection Quote: "Head's Up!"
  • Winning Quote: "Awesome."
  • Stats: Speed 3/Strength 2/Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Flicks himself in the head.
  • Signiture Food: Hot dog


  • Selection Quote: Bobby: "Pick me!" Sue: "No me!"
  • Winning Quote: Bobby: "Way to go sis!" Sue: "You go bro!"
  • Stats: Speed 2/Stregnth 3/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Spin then brofist each other.
  • Signiture Food: Chicken leg

Invader Rob

  • Selection Quote: "TIME TO EAT YOUR HOT BABY CORN!"
  • Winning Quote: "WHO WANTS DOOM!?!?"
  • Stats: Speed 3/ Strengh 4/ Range 2
  • Victory Pose: Spins around then drinks some Victroy Irken Juice.
  • Signiture Food: Irken Rice


  • Selection Quote: "Prepare for AWESOME!"
  • Winning Quote: "And once again, I save the day."
  • Stats: Speed 4/ Strength 2/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Jumps in the air and dances
  • Singniture Food: Chicken Nuggets


  • Selection Quote: "Don't make me destroy you"
  • Winning Quote: "Eh, it happens."
  • Stats: Speed 3/Strength 4/ Range 3
  • Victory Pose: Throws her wand in the air,gets hit in the head by it while Red laughs
  • Signiture Food: PB and J sandwich


  • Selection Quote: "No problem"
  • Winning Quote: "Sweet!"
  • Stats: Speed 4/Stregnth 3/Range 4
  • Victory Pose: Applauds
  • Signiture Food: Meatloaf

Helga Pataki

  • Selection Quote: "Bring it on buck-o"
  • Winning Quote: "Let's see Olga top that!"
  • Stats: Speed 2/Strength 4/Range 4
  • Victory Pose: Kisses her locket.
  • Signiture Food: Corn Dog

Assisst Characters

Name Effect
Chop Master Onion Does karate moves.
Ma-san Annoys the players with her drum.
Squidward Plays his clarient.
Cadence Dances to make the other player dance.
Mr. Koopa Gets into his shell and dosen't get out.
King Dedede Rings a cup with jewels to turn the player who touchs it into a hammer.
Yumi Plays her guitair.
Deuce Brings out his Egg Blaster.
Danny Phantom Shoots a lazer from his hand.
Gary Zooms speedy fast.
Bubba Thorws snowballs.
Kowalski Uses an invention that shoots rockets.
Megamind Shoots a lazer gun.
Penguin Dude

Freezes other characters and flies away.

Whoopee Cushner Beatboxes and makes farting noises with her feet.
Leaky Louie Drinks water and floods the other players
The Chameleon Turns into a laser gun and goes around shooting lasers and rockets.
Dudley Puppy Does a series of punches and kicks
Dollar-nator When hit he'll wave around hurting others.
Kyle Sheilds the player with magic
Slow Moe Hides in shell and when hit slides across the floor like a koopa shell.
Harold Runs around trying to smash everyone
Phoebe Heyderdahl Latches on a random character reversing their controls.
Poof Bounces across the screen


Name Show
School Lunchroom Nicktoons Food Fight
Beard Burger's Parappa the Rapper
Club Fun Parappa the Rapper
Parappa's House Parappa the Rapper
The Krusty Krab Spongebob Squarepants
The Chum Bucket Spongebob Squarepants
Conch Street Spongebob Squarepants
Pink Palace Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
Ami & Yumi's Bus Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
Topia Town Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
Nasty Burger Danny Phantom
Casper High Cafetiria Danny Phantom
The Penguins' Lab The Penguins of Madagascar
King Julian's Lair The Penguins of Madagascar
Funky Town U.B. Funky
Ashley's Mansion Parappa the Rapper,Ashley & Red
Sunset Arms Boarding House Hey Arnold!
Big Bob's Beepers Hey Arnold!

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