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Nicktoons Elemental Adventure 001

Nicktoons Elemental Adventure logo with Zim,Gaz,Sponge bob and Patrick.

The Story

In E-World A Evil villain named Black Ghoul has stolen the Elements of Ice,Grass,Water, Steel,Ground and Wind the Elements he didn't take were Fire,Rock,Thuder and Bone,Drak Ghoul gave the stolen Elements to his minions,The Elemental Gardian Gardos summoned 4 Nicktoons Zim,Gaz,Sponge Bob and Patrick then Gardos gave the fire patch to Zim,the bone patch to Gaz,the rock patch to Sponge Bob and the thunder patch to Patrick, Together Zim,Gaz,Spongebob and Patrick will Form change E- Transform and E-Change into powerful forms to stop Dark Ghoul and his minions

Zim's Transformations

Fire patch-Fire Zim

Fire Crystal-Fire Beetle Zim

E- Crystal-E-Fire Zim

Gaz's Transformations

Bone patch-Bone Gaz

Bone Crystal-Skull Gaz

E-Crystal-E-Bone Gaz

Sponge Bob's Transformations

Rock patch-Rockbob

Rock Crystal-Super Rockbob


Patrick's Transformations

Thunder patch-Ligtning Patrick

Thuder Crystal-Thunder Patrick

E-Crystal-E-Ligtning Patrick

Logo in other languages

Nicktoons elemental Aventura (Spanish)

SpongeBob und seine Freunde Elemental Adventure (Germen)

Nicktoons Aventure élémentaire ( French)

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