Nicktoons Defenders of Nickland is a TV show from Nickelodeon and It's based on Invader Zim, The Invader Blue Show, and Return of Invader Zim with new episodes.


At the forefront of a Fantastic alien plan for Saving The Nicktoon Universe named Operation Save Nickland is... Invader Zim! Sent ahead to gather information on the weaknesses and observe the terrifying customs of the doomed Land by ingeniously disguising himself as a normal, green, human boy Himself the reason for the pathetic Canceling of Operation Impending Doom 2 Zim Has Telling Everything What There Must Know and regain the trust and confidence of his leaders, the Almighty Tallest! Together with his faithful half-robot half-doggy companion A Paranormal Boy A Creepy Girl & Other Heroes and armed only with a ferocious devotion and bottomless reservoir of energy Zim & The Heroes faces countless Villain perils undaunted to undermine filthy Villain's defenses, making it ripe To Stop Them Into Prison To Save Nickland

Nicktoons Defenders Of Nickland




Children's Show

Comic science fiction

Black Comedy


Boes1993 (Publisher on Nickelodeon!Fanon Wiki)

{C Nickelodeon (Publisher on Nickelodeon)


Jhonen Vasquez




Stephen Hillenburg


All Nicktoons Heroes & Villains


Only At The Pilot

{C Theme composer:

Mark Tortorici


{C Kevin Manthei

Opening theme:

Invader Zim Themesong

End theme:

Invader Zim Closing Song

{C Number of seasons:


Number of episodes:


Executive producer:

Nathan Kress


Jhonen Vasquez

Asst. producer:

Miranda Cosgrove


Jhonen Vasquez


Nathan Kress


30 Minutes

Picture format:

Nick Cannon

Audio format:

Clancy Brown

First aired:

7 September 2009

Last aired:

1 April 2013

Preceded by:


Followed by:



{C Invader Zim, The Invader Blue Show, & Return of Invader Zim

Offical website:

Nickelodeon!Fanon Wiki



  • Invader Zim *Leader Of The Heroes*
  • Gir
  • Minimoose
  • Dib
  • Gib (Dib's baby brother)
  • Gaz
  • Invader Blue (Invader Pucca Character) *Second In Comand*
  • S.i.r unit Gray (Invader Pucca Character)
  • Ron (Invader Pucca Character)
  • Tak & Mimi (After The Event Of Top Of The Line She Wil Join Zim And The Heroes)
  • Mid (Will come in on season 5)
  • The Irken Empire
  • Invader Skoodge (Since Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Skoodge S.I.R Unit (Since Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Rex
  • Mr Blik Gordon & Waffle
  • Bessie Portia & Gwen
  • SpongeBob
  • Patrick
  • Plankton (Since Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Danny Phantom
  • Sam Manson (Alter Ego Nightgirl)
  • Tucker
  • Jack Deebs Frank Harris Nails the Spider Lonette Doc Whiskers & Holli Would (Only In Nicktoons Defenders Of Cool World)
  • Carly Sam Spencer & Freddie
  • Kyoko and Yuki (Since Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Korra
  • Aang
  • Katara
  • Sokka
  • Toph
  • Ty Lee
  • Mai
  • Suki
  • Zuko
  • Iroh
  • Azula (Since Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Ren Hoek
  • Stimpy
  • Hoops & Yoyo
  • El Tigre
  • Daggett & Norbert
  • Frida
  • White Panthera
  • Puma Loco
  • Fanboy & Chum Chum
  • Charlotte
  • Otis Pig & The Other Barnyard Animals
  • Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private
  • Po Master Shifu & The Furious 5
  • Timmy Cosmo Wanda & Baby Poof
  • U.B.
  • Popple
  • White Fang
  • Hansel
  • Kirby
  • Yoshi
  • Dudley Puppy
  • Kitty Katswell
  • The Gromble Ickis, Krumm & Oblina
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (Only At The Movie)
  • Squee (Only At The Movie)
  • Devi (Only At The Movie)
  • Fillerbunny (Only At The Movie)
  • Jimmy Sheen & Charl
  • Rocko Filburt & Heffer
  • Other Nicktoons heroes


  • Professor Calamitous *Leader Of The Villains*
  • Beautiful Gorgeous
  • La Bruja
  • Mean Witches
  • the mawgu [bombs that turn the heroes evil]
  • Ozai
  • Azula (Before Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Reggie Bullnerd
  • Vendetta
  • Nevel Papperman
  • Black Mistress
  • Princess Blue
  • Red Blaze & Red Flames
  • The Growing Glob
  • White Ice
  • Yellow and Green Jester
  • Nora Dirshlitt
  • Kyoko and Yuki (Before Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Ms. Francine Briggs
  • The Darkness
  • Denzel Crocker
  • Vicky The Babysitter
  • Tak & Mimi (Before Top Of The Line)
  • Ms. Doombringer
  • Fairy Cab Driver
  • Dash Baxter
  • Skulker
  • Technus
  • Vlad Plasmius
  • Dark Danny
  • Box Ghost
  • The Masters' Blasters
  • The Guys in White
  • Freakshow
  • Horrible Beasty Beast
  • Sartana of the dead
  • Dorkus
  • Miranda
  • Plankton (Before Day Of Da Spookies)
  • Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy's enemies Man Ray Dirty Bubble Sinister Slug Atomic Flounder Jumbo Shrimp Kelp Thing & Moth
  • Flatts the Flounder
  • BlackJack SquarePants
  • Jacko
  • Craniac IV
  • Simon The Monsterhunter
  • Traloc
  • Dr. Blowhole
  • Tai Lung
  • Coco LaBouche
  • Thorg
  • Mr. Scheck
  • Other Nicktoons villains

Theme Song

Heres The Link


Season 1

01 The Nightmare Begins

02A Bestest Friend

02B NanoZIM

03A Parent Teacher Night

03B Walk of Doom

04A Germs

04B Dark Harvest

05A Attack of the Saucer Morons

05B The Wettening

06A Career Day

06B Battle-Calamitous

07A Planet Jackers

07B Rise of the Zitboy

08A Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain

08B Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy

09A A Room with a Moose

09B Hamstergeddon

10A Plague of Babies

10B Bloaty's Pizza Hog

11A Door to Door

11B FBI Warning of Doom

12A Bolognius Maximus

12B Game Slave 3

13 Battle of the Planets

14 Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom

15A Mysterious Mysteries

15B Future Calamitous

16A Hobo 13

16B Walk for Your Lives

17A Megadoomer

17B Lice

18A Abducted

18B The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

19A GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff Again

19B Calamitous's Wonderful Life of Doom

20 TAK: The Hideous New Girl

Season 2

21 Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars

22A Mortos Der Soulstealer

22B Zim Eats Waffles Again

23A The Girl Who Cried Gnome

23B Calamitousship Rising

24A Vindicated!

24B The Voting of the Doomed

25 Ember, Taster of Pork

26 The Frycook What Came from All That Space

27 The Most Horrible X-mas Ever

28A Roboparents Gone Wild

28B Simon Sez Doom

29A Invader Poonchy

29B Nubs of Doom

30 Top of the Line

31A The Return of Keef

31B GIR's Big Day

32A Mopiness of Doom

32B Those!

33 The Trial

34A Day of Da Spookies

34B 10 Minutes of Doom

35A Night of the Living Vacuum

35B Mission: Nearly Impossible

36A It Feeds on Noodles

36B Pants! (AKA When Pants Ruled!)

37A Taming GIR

37B Skoodge's Odyssey

38A Noisy Neirbours

38B Who Sitting in My Body

39 The Gir From Shevile

Season 3

40 Clash In The Colloseum

41A Skoodge Goes To Skool

41B Night Of Doom

42A Gir Gets Lost

42B Revelation Of Doom

43A Ultra Peepi The 2nd Vs Mega Squidgy Lord

43B Shrinkyness of Doom

44A Journey To The Center Of The Zim

44B Taco Opera

45 Zim & The Heroes Saves Nickland?

46A The Massive Incident

46B The Counselor Returns

47A Stranded

47B Good Bye Moosey Nubs

48 Calamitous Pathetic Origins Of Doom

49A Clobal Dooming

49B Interwebs of Dooom

50 Revenge Of The Fry Cook

51A The Great Gir Theft

51B The Con of Doom

52A Dib's Long Time Missing Sister

52B Revenge Of Luth

53A GIR Becomes Famous

53B Zim's Birthday

54 Grandpa Snaps!

55A The Problem With GIR

55B Self-Destruct Books Of Doom

56A Zim gets the Rabies

56B Graduation Day

57 Circus Of DOOM

58A Keef's Krazy

58B Love Of Doom

59A Space Chipmunks

59B Fieldtrip Of Doom

60A Game Slave 3D

60B Giganto Zim

61 A Strong Vision

Season 4

62 Blue on Earth

63A.Gaz is scary

63B Dib Hysteria

64A. Famly pictures

64B Field trip Of Blue

65A. Gray gigantic

65B Gray vs Gaz

66A.Sports Of Doom

66B Tv toons Of Doom

67A. Zib and Dim

67B Gaz joins the Girl scouts

68A. The Zoo

68B Trapped After skool

69A.Summer camp

69B Gray and the toystore

70A. Carnival of Doom

70B Dib and dirty

71. Blue's Trial


72B The skool dance

73A. Date night

73B the rebels from outer space

74A. Candy candy

74B commercial star

75A. 3 Irkens and a egg

75B return of the robo parents

76A Skool play

76B Dreams Dreams

77. Dr. Blowhole's revenge

78A Invader Andon

78B Dib's Fantasy adventure

79A The Spa

79B Paranormal Con

80A A S.i.r. unit and his Pig

80B Ron vs Zim

81A. Pool party

81B Play Ball

82A. A day with bloaty the pig

82B the land of Cubevill

83A. Day of the Rainbow

83B Team Racing

84A. Rock band concert

84B Wishstones Z

85A. DIb law of the hall

85B Gaz's track run

86. 20 years later

87A. Ron to the rescue

87B Who did it?

88A. The land of Sweets

88B Mr Eliot finds out

89A. Childhood story

89B Nice and Mean

90A. Art class

90B Gir and Gray's wacky day

91A. just the 3 of us

91B The brother and sister picnic

92A. Outdoors

92B under the ocean

93A. return of the tv toons

93B Sick

94A. A vist from Invader Brown

94B Dib's bad day

95A. Gaz in video game world

95B hey it's Skoodge

96. Secrets revealed

97A Nightgirl

97B Of to the pound

98A Irken Danny

98B Inside The Network

99A Strucks Speechless

99B Waiting For Doom

100 Extremely Bad Part 1

101 Extremely Bad Part 2

102A May the Porkiness Be With You

102B Exposed!

103A Attack of the Stupids

103B The Crawling Chicken Thigh

104A Revenge of the Defectives

104B Night Skies

105A A Visit From Invader Lan

105B Inside The Bizzaro World

106A The Abducters Return

106B Irken vs. Swift

107A Double-oh-Calamitous

107B GIR on the lamb

108 Zim And Friends Haters

109 Nicktoons Musical

110A The Burrito King

110B Meats Of Evil

111 Mind Tricks

112 Tai Lung & Lord Shen's Resurection

113A Computer On The Loose

113B Return Of Nightgirl

114 To Gotic Or Not To Gotic

115 Nicktoons Defenders Of Cool World (A Crossover With Cool World)

Season 5

116 Membrane's New Child

117A Stealers, Keppers of DOOM!

117B Tak's Vampire Powers

118A Zim vs. SpongeBob?

118B The Robot Who Cried Tacos

119A Minimoose, RUN!

119B Curly Fries

120A. Math work

120B Hot day

121A Game champion

121B Gray and Gir get lost

122A Club members only

122B Paint fashion

123A The world's greatest chili

123B Give back that B block

124A Island of Doom

124B Ha ha ha

125A 6 days of boredom

125B temper and rage

126 Irken Geo vs Ron 

127A Pirate Beef Bees

127B Dreaming of Doom

128 Nitro Doom

129A Chickenpox

129B Super Thumb

130A Invader Retirement home

130B The Chat Room of Doom

131A Zimternet

131B IZim

132A SuperToast The Aftermath

132B Tallest For a Day

133A Tak's Sister

133B The NEW Taco flavor

134A Just Zim and Ember

134B Dib's Discovery

135 Three Cheers for Howl-oween

136A Teleporting F.U.N

136B Rex the Puppet

137A Blue Eggs and Ham

137B Freeze Tag!

138 Squishy Hugger Of Worlds

139 Doomungous Doom Part 1

140 Doomungous Doom Part 2

141 Invader Calamitous (TV-Movie)


The Nicktoons Defenders Of Nickland Movie (1 Hour And 20 Minutes) - Once In The 100 Years A Evil Zombie Lord Has Riseing From His Grave To Take Over The World So The Nicktoon Heroes & The Nicktoon Villains Must Join Forces To Stop The Zombie Lord But jonny the homicidal maniac Squee Devi & Fillerbunny Has Joined The Heroes

The Nicktoons Defenders Of Nickland Movie 2' SKOOL'S OUT!... FOREVER? (1 hour and 30 min.)' - Skool's out and Calamitous comes up with a plan to destroy Zim And His Friends, However sends him (Zim), Dib, Calamitous Gir, Gaz, and Gib in the future and they soon find out that Zim Saves Nickland. Calamitous decieds that he should destroy Zim and stop this from happening. However, no need to do it after humans think that past Zim is there Zim after that future Zim bumbs his head. How will Zim get out before he disappears, FOREVER?

The Nicktoons Defenders Of Nickland Movie 3 'Attack of the Pig leader (2 hours) -' On a normal day at skool, Zim & Calamitous wake up from a restless sleep to find everyone acting weird & like pigs, even Gaz, Tak, Gir. The Nicktoon Heroes & Villains When they arrive at skool, everyones acting weird. They then team up to find out what's doing that to they find out that a lady is controlling them, after the lady tells them her evil plan, she turns everyone into real pigs and they try to attack them. Dib Turns Normal & stops by his house to get Gib, since he's a baby, he couldn't turn into a pig, like the lady said. Zim Calamitous & Dib then try to find a cure before they (The Pigs) found them. They find a cure & stops the lady, & everything returns to normal. The lady is thrown in space by Zim's voot & however, survives. The story ends with a "TBC" sign.

Link For The Anime Version

Nicktoons Defenders Of Nickland Kai


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