A game thats a bit like Animal Crossing.


Town Center

  • Frida - Owner of Frida's Merchandise Store
  • Sandy - Owner of Sandy's Texas BBQ Food Store
  • Otis - Owner of Otis Burgers Food Store
  • Gill Hammerstein - Owner of Hammerstein Studios
  • Gordon - Leader of the Calf Scouts
  • Waffle, Waffle's Newts, Pip, Freddy - Members of the Scotland Scouts
  • Tucker Foley - Owner of Foley Studios
  • Cindy and Libby - Owner of Vortex and Folfax Dance Studios
  • Sheen - Owner of the Prank Store

Northern Town

  • SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, Tak and Zim - Owners of Nicktoons Adventure Park
  • Mr. Turner - Leader of the Squirrel Scouts
  • Carl, Patrick, GIR, Chester, Abby, Jeera - Members of the Squirrel Scouts
  • Rico - Owner of the Explosives Store
  • Jibolba - Owner of the Retirement House
  • Arnold and Gerald - Owners of Spy Inc.
  • Suzie, Kimi and Lil - Owners of Babysitters
  • Eliza, Nigel and Marrianne - Owners of Nicktoons National Zoo