Nicktoons Championship Bowling is a game for the Wii, 3DS, & Xbox 360

Nicktoons Championship Bowling
Developer(s) 2K Play
Publisher(s) Nickelodeon Interactive
Release date December 25, 2012
Genre Bowling
Mode(s) Story Mode
Quick Bowl
Card Collection
Rating(s) E
Platform(s) Wii, PlayStation 3, 3DS, Ds, Xbox 360
Media Wii Disc, 3DS Cartdridge, PlayStation 3, DS Cartdridge, Xbox 360 Disc


Spongebob Squarepants

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Flying Dutchman
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Larry Lobster

Back At the Barnyard

  • Otis
  • Abby
  • Pig
  • Freddy
  • Peck

The Penguins of Madagascar

  • Skipper
  • Kowaski
  • Rico
  • Private

Planet Sheen

  • Sheen
  • Utra Lord
  • Nesmith

T.U.F.F. Puppy

  • Dudley Puppy
  • Kitty Katswell

Danny Phantom

  • Danny Fenton

Jimmy Neutron

  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Cindy
  • Carl Wheezer

Robot and Monster

  • Robot
  • Monster

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

  • Po
  • Tigress
  • Monkey

Fanboy And Chum Chum

  • Fanboy
  • Chum Chum

The Ren & Stimpy Show

  • Ren Höek
  • Stimpy J. Cat
  • Yak

Avatar: The Legend of Aang

  • Aang
  • Katara
  • Toph
  • Prince Zuko


  • Tak
  • Zim
  • Gaz

Note: Bessie & Happy from The Mighty B!, El Tigre from El Tigre, Tommy & Chuckle from Rugrats, & Arnold & Gerlad from Hey Arnold made shows cameos in the nicktoons.

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