This is an article about Nicktoons Central's schedule.


2013 - Present

Program Time Rating
Edgar & Ellen (short) 12:00pm TV-Y7
Wayside 12:04pm TV-Y7
Three Delivery (short) 12:14pm TV-Y7-FV
The Presentators 12:15pm TV-Y7
The Presentators 12:16pm TV-Y7
The Presentators 12:17pm TV-Y7
The Presentators 12:18pm TV-Y7
Making Fiends 12:19pm TV-Y7-FV
Catscratch 12:41pm TV-Y7
Yakkity Yak 1:03pm TV-Y
6teen 1:27pm TV-G
Angela Anaconda 1:49pm TV-Y7
Invader ZiM 2:00pm TV-Y
All Grown Up 2:22pm TV-Y7
Making Fiends 2:44pm TV-Y7
Dragon Ball Z 2:57pm TV-PG-V
Black Cat 3:26pm TV-14-DLV

Repeats forever.

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