The Theme Song

Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned -The slogin.

Nicktoons Beat-Down is fighting game for the Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, Steam, and PS Vita.

Fighters (All playable).

SpongeBob Squarepants Universe

  • SpongeBob Squarepants
  • Patrick Star
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Plankton (Robo Krabs Suit)

Nicktoons Z Universe

Battlefield Nickelodeon Universe

Kong-Fu Panda Universe

  • Po
  • Tigeress

The Fairly OddParents Universe

  • Vicky

Back at the Barnyard Universe

  • Otis

All Grown Up/Rugrats Universe

  • Angelica Pickles

Nick Fanon Wikia

  • Collector
  • Robilist
  • LT Fan
  • IAmBagel
  • Doug Scheer
  • HomestarSB9
  • AlmightyGameGuy
  • David Cardino
  • MattBoo

Special Moves

They can be used if you are geting a lot combos on the enmmy.

  • LT Fan - Puts on dark armor, then Pulls out his staff, puts a jewel on it, and uses it as a melee weapon until the jewel shatters. If swung at the right moument, can have a critical hit to the head. Players can survive the critical hit if they are playing Sandy Cheeks.
  • SpongeKu - Goes Super Sponge 3 that gives him a boost of power and health until he does a super Kamehameha.
  • Robo Krabs - Can self destruct if his health is low, it must be at the right spot to kill an enmmy.
  • Vicky - Pulls out a Scythe until it is knocked out of her hands. If swung at the right moument, can chop off an enmmy's head.
  • Rob/Robilist - Grabs a hammer, Bamg people up, put hammer back in pocket, then takes a super sword.
  • Kirby/Doug Scheer - A little like Scarface's famous quote "Say Hello To My Little Friend!" but uses the Ultra Swrod.
  • Bagel/IAmBagel - Grabs a phone, calls a friend, and hangs up. A few seconds later, a giant dragon appears and whipes the opponents off the screen. Can survive if Angelica's special move is in use.
  • HomestarSB9: - Ducks down like a turtle this was discribed as defence, If sat on he gets up and throws you down to the floor. If attacked while this happens he will crunch you in half.
  • AlmightyGameGuy - Pulls out a Xbox 360 that has the red ring of death and uses it like a melee weapon. If swung at the right moument, can have a critical hit to the head. Players can survive the critical hit if they are playing Sandy Cheeks.
  • Angelica Pickles - Pulls out here Cell Phone and let's the player chose another fighter. She is non-playable untill the fighter is killed or the enmmy is killed. This can help her survive Robo Krabs', Bagel's, and GIR 2.5's special move.

Steam Offer

If players buy it off Steam, they will get a two doller coupon to the Steam Store.


  • The Solgon is a name of an album of The Prodigy.

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