The Barnyard Bashers is a baseball team led by Otis and Pig in Nicktoons Baseball League. Their home stadium is Barnyard and they have the least amount of players, having only 10.


The team is composed primarily of the main characters of Back at the Barnyard and Barnyard (the movie). Everyone has some kind of chemistry with Otis (with everyone having good chemistry with him, except for some exceptions).

  • Otis (Team captain)
  • Pig (sub-captain)
  • Abby
  • Duke
  • Ben
  • Bessy
  • Freddy
  • Peck
  • Miles
  • Farmer Buyer


  • Originally Mrs. Beady, Snotty Boy and BigFoot were going to appear on the team, but they were taken out so only main characters were on the team.

ZUKO(suzon) is awesome

ZUKO(suzon) is awesome

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