These are the locations of the characters that appear in Nicktoons: When Toons Collide. Note: in every location are SIR Units since they function as warp portals. Chalkzone only can be entered through a school bord when obtained the Magic Chalk.

There are four zones on the map Suburbs, Forest, Downtown and Warp Locations. You first will be send to Retroville in the Suburbs.



Ocean Shore





Sheltered Shrubs

Silent Springs

Galaxy Hills


Reptar Land



Bikini Bottom lies underwater so you can just walk through Ocean Shore into Conch Streets and then to Kelp Forest and walk out of there to Pupununu Village. But to acess the underwaters you must have an air bubble.

Bikini Bottom

Kelp Forest

Pupununu Village

Beaver Lodge

Kitty Forest

The Wild Plains

Dream Valley

Scottish Forest

Northern Water Tribe


Valley of Peace

Shell Town


Amity Park


Tokyo Town

Human Town

Ba Sing Se

Southern Air Temple

Fire Nation Capital

Miracle City




Central Park Zoo

Warp Locations

Topical Island is the starting location where the tutorial is. When completed this you will be send to Retroville but you can't return. Until you are ready to fight Nick you must go to Jimmy Neutron who will wap you there.

Topical Island

You will be warped to Nick's Kingdom from Tropical Island. From that moment Nick's Kingdom and Tropical Island are acesseble all the time.

Nick's Kingdom

The Juju World can only be acessed through the Juju Temple in the Pupununu Village by Jibolba.

Juju World

The Ghostworld can only be acessed through Fenton Works or Master Mansion in Amity Park by entering the portal. When you go in it from Fenton Works you will arrive in Master Mansion and otherwise.

Ghost Zone

Can only be acessed after doing a certain mission with Cosmo who then eventually let you walk the Rainbow Path to Faiyworld from Dimmsdale.

Fairy World

Chalkzone can be entered through all schoolbords in every area, but you do must have the Magic Chalk that you get with a mission from Rudy to get it at Wayside.


You can acess this area in Human Town when you have completed a certain mission with Zim.

Space Station

Pac-Land can be entered through the Arcade wich is located in Miracle City.


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