Nicktoons: Punch Time Explosion is a TV movie event that is based on the game, Nicktoons Punch Time Explosion which was inspired by the game Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion for the 3DS. It features all of the shows and characters on the game along with 1 extra show. It only aired on Nicktoons Network due to the fact it was produced for the channel. It aired on December 1, 2011.


When many Nicktoon universes have been taken over by LT Fan, SpongeBob must save the day. He arrives at T.U.F.F. Headquarters (T.U.F.F. Puppy) first and finds Dudley Puppy controlled over (making him eviler). SpongeBob gets Dudley back to normal after a match and teams up with him. After they find out Kitty kidnapped by LT Fan, they must find him and save Kitty. Later, SpongeBob and Dudley arrive in Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob) as they find Spike (from Hoops and Yoyo and Spike) controlled. They get Spike back to normal as Spike teams up too. And they run into a monsterized Patrick as an obstacle by LT Fan (just like in the game, Patrick was for a match only and wasn't an unlockable and playable character and therefore dosen't team up with the heroes when back to normal). They get Patrick back to normal as the universe is close to be destroyed. Matthew (from Matthew's World and Misadv. of Maverick) is seen in a pod and everyone gets in to be safe. The pod transports into the Hoops and Yoyo and Spike universe where they meet Yoyo and orders him to keep his universe safe. The pod disappears as Yoyo promises. He then runs into Hoops controlled and battles him and gets him back to normal. They then find out that Plankton is about to destroy the universe with MattBoo who is oviously controlled. They beat Plankton and get MattBoo back to normal. MattBoo teams up with Hoops and Yoyo and comes in the pod when it transports back. The pod then arrives in Planet Irk (Invader ZIM) where MattBoo, SpongeBob and others run into GIR (which isn't controlled but reprogrammed to be evil). They battle Gir and get him back to normal. When The Almighty Tallest is under attack by SIR units who turned against them, GIR saves the day by beating them. He runs into the pod as the pod is seen traveling into Jamestown (Matthew's World, MattBoo and Friends) with a controlled Cassie. Later, they find Kirby & Yoshi with Torchic but then Bowser drops into the seen & he challanges them to a dule. After beating Bowser, Kirby, Yoshi, & Torchic team up with the others.


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