Nicktoons: JAWS (Often called Jaws 5) Is the last squeal to jaws that will be realesed in theaters in 2013.

NOTE: ONLY Rob may right the plot, but you may suggest it.


A nicktoons named Doug and Rocko deciede to play in the water earky the morning, but then they feel something pull them underwater, causing them to almost drown. there wonded but not dead. The next day, police chiefs Bagel (IAmBagel) and Invader Rob (himself) try to figure out what happened to them and they find one of them on campus ground. Meanwile, Homestar Runner (HomestarSB9) and Pac-man (Pac-man 64) are in the ocean on a sialboat fishing when a shadow in the waters appears and smashes there boat. Homestar finds a gun and desprettly tries to kill the shawdow shark, but before he could do the last gunshot, the boat starts to sink and the shark leaps onto the boat and eats Pac-man 64 alive. Homestar finds a gas tank and throws it into the water, and catching it on fire, the boat explodes, but it is reviled that the shark survived with his right eye being scared. The shark swims away and Homestar Runner tries to get to shore. Life gaurd Sr.Wario (himself) finds Homestar lying on the shore and calls 911. Bagel and Rob recive the call and get to thr hostpital, where Homestar and ingured in pain. One month later, everything seems to go back to normal. TBC

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