Nicktoons: Fight is a fighting game starring characters from Nicktoons. The game will choose quality over quantity and only have 12 characters. 8 starters and 4 unlockables.


Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick Star (Unlockable)

Tommy Pickles


Stimpy Cat

Ren Hoeke (Unlockable)

Timmy Turner


Otto Rocket


ZIM (Unlockable)

Ickis (Unlockable)


Each character has a dashing speed, walking speed, weight, falling speed, and air speed. The ranks are listed here. If you disagree, please tell me, I take everyone's opinion into consideration.


1. Otto

2. Rocko

3. Catdog

4. ZIM

5. Timmy

6-7. Spongebob and Ren

8. Ickis

9-10. Stimpy and Patrick

11-12. Tommy and Arnold


1. Rocko

2. Ickis

3. ZIM

4. Timmy

5. Ren

6. Spongebob

7-8. Stimpy and Patrick

9-10. Arnold and Otto

11-12. Tommy and Catdog


1. Patrick

2. Stimpy

3. Tommy

4-5. Arnold and Otto

6-8. Timmy, Rocko, and ZIM

9. Catdog

10. Ickis

11. Ren

12. Spongebob

Falling Speed

1. Ren

2. Patrick

3. Otto

4. Rocko

5. Ickis

6. Timmy

7. Catdog

8. Arnold

9. Tommy

10. ZIM

11. Spongebob

12. Stimpy

Air Speed

1-2. Stimpy and ZIM

3. Otto

4. Tommy

5-7. Spongebob, Arnold, and Patrick

8-9. Rocko and Ickis

10. Catdog

11. Timmy

12. Ren

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